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Dealing With the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

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Texas Education Agency disciplinary action can be an educator’s worst nightmare. You want to spend your time helping your students, not navigating a disciplinary investigation. As soon as you are aware of a potential disciplinary investigation, you need to get in touch with a license defense attorney.

TEA, disciplinary action, and the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) is the agency responsible for the investigative and disciplinary process for TEA when a Texas educator faces misconduct allegations. SBEC jurisdiction includes teachers, librarians, counselors, educational diagnosticians, administrators, and paraprofessionals.

When first informed of misconduct allegations, you are immediately in a tough spot. You need to comply with the investigation to avoid further consequences, but you also need to protect your rights and your career. During a TEA-related investigation, you have rights and opportunities to defend yourself, beginning with your initial response at the district level and continuing if the allegations are referred to TEA/SBEC.

The process can be frustrating and confusing, with the potential for serious consequences. Even a less severe penalty can make it difficult to obtain or continue work as an education professional. Substantiated complaints against licensed educational professionals can result in significant penalties, including:

  • Dismissal from an educator preparation program (EPP)
  • Restrictions placed on the issuance, renewal or holding of an education certification
  • Non-inscribed reprimand (not published to educator credentials)
  • Inscribed reprimand (formal censure, published to educator credentials)
  • License suspension
  • License revocation

A professional license defense attorney can help you navigate the legal options available to you. The Bertolino team understands how to navigate SBEC and TEA disciplinary processes; you need Bertolino LLP on your side.

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