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    Administrative Hearings

    The years of hard work and dedication you put into obtaining your professional license and building your career can be jeopardized with a single complaint. Following an investigation by your Texas licensing board/agency, you will have the chance to appeal the board’s/agency’s proposed sanctions at an administrative hearing.

    The attorneys at Bertolino LLP are dedicated to helping professional license holders throughout Texas protect their careers. We possess a wealth of legal knowledge and experience about Texas’s legal system. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

    Understanding the Dental Board complaint process

    A law firm you can trust; a law firm that will stand up to the Board for you

    Don’t go it alone
    Never attend a SOAH hearing alone. An experienced professional license defense attorney at Bertolino LLP can help defend you against allegations before the ALJ. We know what evidence to gather, how to present it, and otherwise have significant experience presenting cases before ALJs.

    Our attorneys will advocate for you and help you protect your career and livelihood. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation, or simply call (512) 476-5757.