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Dealing with a Licensing Board or Agency Investigation

Earning your professional license in Texas is not an easy task. And yet, all the work and dedication you put into obtaining your professional license and building your career can be jeopardized with a single complaint.

Our firm understands the confusion and stress that arise when you are facing an investigation related to your professional license. We know what’s at stake. That is why we are dedicated to helping you protect your career and livelihood. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

What prompts an investigation from a licensing board or agency?

Each licensing board/agency in Texas follows its own procedures and processes complaints differently. Typically, once a licensing board/agency receives a complaint, they assess the severity of the allegations and determine whether they have jurisdiction. Before launching an investigation, the licensing board also determines if the complaint alleges a violation of any laws, board/agency rules, or ethical rules.

If you are notified of a complaint by a licensing board/agency, it is crucial that you take your investigation seriously right from the beginning. Even if you know you did not do anything wrong, you should never ignore the allegations against you and hope the will just disappear. Texas licensing boards/agencies have the authority to revoke or suspend your license and impose fines and other sanctions. Additionally, a Texas licensing board/agency is only interested in protecting the public and enforcing their rules. They are completely indifferent to your personal interests.

If your professional license is under investigation, you have the right to an opportunity to be heard. Additionally, you may appeal any disciplinary actions taken by your licensing board/agency. This provides the opportunity to present crucial evidence and summon witnesses to give testimony before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

When dealing with your licensing board/agency, you should always make sure that any evidence you provide is accurate and truthful. Lying, presenting false evidence, and destroying or altering evidence can lead to serious disciplinary actions and possible criminal liability.

Protect your career. Contact a Texas license defense attorney today

As soon as you are notified of a complaint against your professional license, you should consult with an experienced attorney. At Bertolino LLP, we can help you build a strong defense by properly responding to allegations and proving that you abided by the law and board rules.

No matter which licensing board you are dealing with, we represent licensed professionals like you across all of Texas during these stressful times. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation, or simply call (512) 717-5432.

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