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Trust an Experienced Austin License Defense Lawyer To Help Defend Your Teaching Certificate When You Are Brought Before The Texas Education Agency (TEA)

With the start of COVID-19, teaching became an even more challenging and often thankless job, yet one of the most important in our society.

As an educator, you work long hours to give Texas children the tools they will need to lead happy and productive lives. You have already made an essential contribution to our future by teaching our youth, and Texas needs people like you to keep making a difference.

Due to Covid-19, many more parents have more time on their hands, and parents' complaints are on the rise. These and other complaints put your teaching license in serious jeopardy. Even if the complaint is unfounded, you will need to take quick action to get it dismissed right away; otherwise, the Board could revoke your teaching certificate, and with it, your career. You must hire an aggressive occupational license defense lawyer.

We are an Austin based law firm and defend teacher certificates in Austin and throughout Texas.

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC), Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the State Board of Education jointly regulates the teaching profession, helps enforce the Educator's Code of Ethics, and assists in investigating alleged misconduct.

Some common violations that are subject to an investigation include:

  • Inappropriate communication with students
  • Inappropriate relationships with students
  • Deceptive or fraudulent practices
  • Misappropriation of school property or privileges
  • Accepting bribes or gifts that impair judgment
  • Sharing students' confidential information
  • Physically mistreating students
  • Sexual misconduct

Furthermore, the State Board for Educator Certification can restrict, suspend or even revoke your teaching certificate if you are found to have conducted school activities in violation of the law, fail to report child abuse, abandon a teaching contract, or are convicted of a felony offense.

If a complaint is filed against you, the State Board of Educator Certification will investigate and decide whether to take disciplinary action. And if you face an accusation and subsequent discipline from the Board, you have a right to an evidentiary hearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings. You must hire an experienced and knowledgeable license defense law firm.

You have a right to due process if a complaint has been raised that puts your license in jeopardy, and you have the right to legal representation throughout the process. Whether the complaint against you is entirely unfounded or has extenuating circumstances, you will need an experienced professional license attorney to defend you and protect your livelihood.

At Bertolino LLP, we know how to defend against a complaint filed against you, find all relevant evidence, and build a strong defense based on that information.

Do not let an attack on your teaching certificate threaten your ability to do your job and make a difference. Get the dedicated Texas license defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP on your side. Contact us at (512) 717-5432 to schedule your appointment now.

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