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You've worked hard to build your reputation, and now your license is in jeopardy. We understand you're going through a difficult and even traumatic ordeal. Your professional reputation and career are at stake. A professional license defense attorney can help.

Whether you work in Austin or elsewhere in the state, if you've been accused of wrongdoing in your professional life, you've come to the right place. Bertolino LLP provides aggressive advocacy for professionals who are facing disciplinary action in front of a licensing board, agency or commission in Texas. We handle matters related to licenses, grievance complaints, and ethics, and other important professional licensing issues.

Why choose Bertolino LLP to Defend Your License?

Exceptional, attentive, dedicated, driven - these are just some of the words people use to describe the Bertolino Law Firm. A full-service, results-oriented law firm in Texas, Bertolino LLP has an impeccable reputation throughout the Lone Star State. We're the law firm lawyers and other professionals turn to when they need help with occupational license defense.

Our hard-working, knowledgeable lawyers also have a well-deserved reputation for successfully resolving professional license defense cases and other legal matters.

With an office in Austin, Bertolino LLP handles some of the most complicated license defense cases in the state. There's often no room for error when lives and careers are on the line. Our defense attorneys thrive in a pressure-packed environment. We're committed to our clients. We deliver results.

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Tony R. Bertolino
The Texas Law Firm of Bertolino LLP Will Fight to Protect Your Livelihood

"I was recently asked an interesting question by a prospective client: What distinguishes your law firm from other law firms? And I got to thinking about it and it seems to me there are three things, three distinguishing qualities that I've recognized since I've begun my own practice. First is the compassion. Secondly is the attentiveness. And thirdly is the aggressiveness."

- Founding Attorney Tony R. Bertolino
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Your case counts. We can help. We're on your side.

Choosing the right defense attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. The professional license defense lawyers at Bertolino LLP have consistently won significant cases for doctors, nurses, lawyers, architects, pharmacists and other professionals dealing with issues that could jeopardize their ability to work. We fight to win.

When you’re dealing with an occupational license defense matter, you can’t afford to take chances. As experienced defense attorneys well-versed in state and federal laws, we know how to win. Our results speak for themselves. You want a defense attorney from Bertolino LLP in your corner if you're dealing with a serious legal issue. You need someone who thoroughly understands the law and will do whatever it takes to find the facts to build a rock-solid case.

But don't take our word for it. Discover for yourself. Contact us. We offer a case evaluation to all potential clients. One of our knowledgeable attorneys can meet with you and discuss the details of your case. If we don't believe you have a legitimate case, we'll tell you. We offer honest answers and straightforward advice. Our dedicated lawyers take the time to learn about each case, because we know that no two cases are alike. We don't just blindly offer advice. We will work with you and help you decide the best course of action. We're on your side.

Complaint Dismissed –

Represented a teacher accused of contract abandonment by the Texas Education Agency. Bertolino LLP provided a vigorous response to the allegations, which were ultimately dismissed.

Complaint Dismissed –

Represented a hospital nurse accused of using medications for herself after she allegedly failed to follow the proper wasting procedures. Bertolino LLP compiled all the required documentation, responded in writing to the Texas Board of Nursing, and convinced the Board that the allegations had no merit. The complaint was dismissed.

Complaint Dismissed –

Represented a teacher accused of inappropriate conduct at school. Bertolino LLP provided a detailed written response to the allegations and attended an informal conference before the Texas Education Agency. After explaining the details to the TEA and providing substantive evidence in our client’s favor, the complaint was dismissed.

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License defense for professionals in medical, real estate, insurance and other fields

Bertolino LLP represents clients from a variety of professions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are facing allegations of misconduct. We will vigorously defend you with the goal of getting the result you need.

Call (512) 717-5432 and schedule an appointment with a professional license defense lawyer at our Austin office. Bertolino LLP – where success matters.

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