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New Regulations for Texas Podiatrists

New TLDR rules governing the practice of podiatry in Texas, adopted under 15 TAC, Chapter 130, went into effect on September 1, 2019. These rules are wide-ranging and have an effect on a number of different elements of practice. Perhaps the change most apparent to practitioners is the implementation of a shift from a one-year...

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Informal Settlement Conference with the Texas Medical Board

When a medical professional enters an informal settlement conference with the Texas Medical Board (pursuant to Board rule sec. 187.11), they at times arrive less prepared than they ought to be. This is likely because, given the use of the term “informal,” these professionals get the wrong impression: this informal settlement conference will be more...

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Important Rule Change for Texas Physician Assistants

At its October 2019 meeting, the Texas Medical Board adopted a new rule detailing certain significant changes to licensure requirements for particular temporary physician assistants in the state of Texas. Physician assistant licensing is governed by the Texas Physician Assistant Board, which is a subdivision of the Texas Medical Board. Rule §185.33, concerning the “Exemption...

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Texas Nursing License Law: Defending Against a Complaint

When faced with a complaint to the Texas Board of Nursing, a licensed nurse is up against a difficult situation from the start, as the identity of the complainant remains confidential in every case. It can be difficult to mount a response when one’s accuser is unknown. But it is not impossible. At least the...

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Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Under Sunset Review

In 1977, the Texas Legislature created the Sunset Advisory Commission via the Texas Sunset Act, with the goal of streamlining the number and reach of state administrative agencies—in order to achieve a smaller, more streamlined government. The function of the Commission is to occasionally review each agency and licensing board under state purview and to...

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