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How Texas Attorneys Can Avoid Disbarment

The high level of responsibility handed over to attorneys in Texas when they pass the bar and are given their licenses is evident to every licensee, and it comes with an equally high standard of conduct. When the Texas State Bar sees fit to disbar a licensed attorney, it is often a death blow to...

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How Texas CPAs Can Avoid Official Discipline

Certified Public Accountants have a job that is focused intently on detail, which they have worked long and hard to achieve. There is a great deal of stress over the potential of making mistakes. And with good reason. A formal complaint made because of a mistake can threaten their licenses and livelihoods. Of course, it’s...

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When a Texas Real Estate Agent Faces Disciplinary Action

An accusation of having violated the rules or norms in the course of a real estate transaction can put a real estate licensee’s ability to practice their profession at risk.  The disciplinary action that might come as a result of an accusation could mean the end of their career, whether directly or indirectly. When the...

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