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Scenarios That Put a Medical Professional's License at Risk

The medical professionals of Texas must do all they can to protect their medical licenses—as they are, for the most part, aware. The situations surrounding the practice of medicine, often involving heightened emotion, anxiety, and expectations that may exceed reality, create a scenario ripe for the lodging of formal complaints with the Texas Medical Board....

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How We Defend Texas Nurses Accused of Exceeding Their Scope of Authority

The nurses of Texas are a rare breed of professional, who routinely place the well-being of others above their own and provide life-saving (and life-changing) care. As the "human face" of healthcare, they have a whole host of responsibilities, and in some cases those responsibilities overlap with the responsibilities of doctors. But nurses must be...

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How Texas Child Care Operations Can Fight Enforcement Actions by the Texas Child Care Licensing CCL

Texas's child care operations fall under the regulatory auspices of Texas Child Care Licensing (CCL), a subsidiary to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. CCL's responsibility is to permit and monitor both operations and agencies within its realm of subject matter to ensure that they are in compliance with all state laws, licensing...

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Common Errors Professionals Make When Facing a License Complaint

Receiving notice that a formal complaint has been filed with a licensing board is one of the biggest fears among Texas professionals—and with reason. These formal complaints can have enormous repercussions on the reputation, career, and livelihood of a professional—ranging from a mere disciplinary slap on the wrist all the way to outright revocation of...

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