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Texas ACR Certified Technicians Fighting for Their Licenses

Professionals working in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration in the state of Texas must gain their license to do so from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) in order to be considered certified technicians. TDLR's Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program was created to regulate contractors hired to install, maintain, or repair...

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Reasons a Texas Nurse May Be Disciplined by the Board of Nursing

Nurses in the state of Texas are regulated by the Texas Board of Nursing. This Board is not just in charge of licensing nurses of every stripe—including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists—but is also charged by the Texas State Legislature with enforcing the Nursing Practice Act and its own rules and regulations. It...

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Texas Nurses at Risk of Being Expelled From TPAPN

Texas nurses are unfortunately no less susceptible to substance abuse than are people in the community at large. But, what's worse, where laypeople may be able to make a clean break from narcotics and other problematic substances by distancing themselves from it physically, it is part of a nurse's daily duties to be near all...

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Informal Settlement Conferences Before the Texas Medical Board

Texas physicians going through the process of battling a complaint against their license are, at times, forced to endure the stress of an Informal Settlement Conference before the Texas Medical Board. An Informal Settlement Conference is by no means the first step in the complaint process. After the Board receives a complaint against a physician—whether...

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When a Texas CPA is Accused of Professional Misconduct

Licensed Certified Public Accountants perform a service fundamental to the businesses of Texas, and CPAs do a great deal of educating and qualifying in order to be able to work in this vital field. When at last one is licensed by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, it means a satisfying and meaningful career....

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