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When is the Texas Board of Nursing Required to Suspend or Revoke a Nursing License?

The possibility they may lose their license is one of the greatest professional fears that nurses live with. Complaints to the Texas Board of Nursing sometimes have the unfortunate outcome of revocation of licensure, mainly where violations of relevant code and rules are considered egregious enough. Of course, usually, there is some latitude in the...

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Contesting Alleged Wrongdoing that Might Lead to Loss of Professional License

It's the sort of scenario that inspires nightmares among professionals: receiving a letter notifying them that a formal complaint has been lodged against their license with their licensing Board or agency. Among professionals we help, this is often mentioned as being one of the most dire events they can recall. And these complaints can be...

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When a Texas Insurance Agent is the Subject of a Formal Complaint

Every year, many complaints—numbering in the thousands—are formally filed against Texas insurance agents. Many of these are founded in evidence, but many are not. The Texas Department of Insurance accepts these formal complaints as the body governing the licensing and maintenance of insurance agents. Any insurance agent who has a complaint filed against them may...

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Contested Hearings Before Texas SOAH

When a complaint case against a professional's license is not able to be settled—whether because it cannot be for some reason or because one side in the conflict refuses to do so—it will pass through to the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) for adjudication. Hearings that reach the stage of SOAH adjudication are...

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Not Following Advertising Rules Might Cost Texas Realtors Their Licenses

Without advertising, Texas realtors would be hard-pressed for ways to generate clients. Yet those licensed to practice real estate are not permitted by the state to simply release any sort of advertisement they may want to. Rules and regulations pertaining to realtor advertising have been established, ostensibly for the protection of the public. The Texas...

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