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TFCP Investigations of Complaints Against Texas Firefighters

Firefighters in Texas are regulated by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP), as are other fire safety professionals in fire safety and fire service organizations. The Commission manages the licenses of fire safety professionals at nearly 750 departments in seven separate regions within the state, while offering 31 courses and 49 certificates in fire safety. And...

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When a Texas Respiratory Care Practitioner is Accused of Violating Rules

In Texas, Respiratory Care Practitioners are governed by Chapter 604 of Title 3 of the Texas Occupations Code. This code places the Texas Medical Board in charge of licensure for Respiratory Care Practitioners, with the aid and guidance of the Texas Board of Respiratory Care. The latter has been empowered with, among other things, establishing...

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Effects of a DWI on a Texas Professional’s License

The effects of being convicted of Drinking While Intoxicated (a DWI) are profound no matter who receives it. But professionals are faced with a double-whammy: both receipt of the criminal charge of DWI and the likely loss of their professional license because of it. This means that not only are these professionals likely to face...

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When Your Establishment is Accused of TABC Violations

It is a fundamental requirement of any Texas establishment that wants to sell alcohol that it successfully obtain a license from the state to do so. That license is granted by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), which was initially established in 1935 to regulate, inspect, and tax the sale, use, and production of alcoholic...

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How Texas Dentists Can Combat Accusations of Insurance Fraud

Dentists who find they have been accused of insurance fraud in Texas are at risk of discipline and even of losing their licenses. If this happens to you, it is important that you immediately seek out an experienced dental license defense attorney who can make the case from the get-go that the medically necessary procedure...

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