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    Don't Jeopardize Your Career. Contact a TX Professional License Defense Lawyer

    You earned a professional license in Texas. You may have undergone years of training, but now your future is in jeopardy. When someone files a formal complaint that could threaten your license and your career, you need to take strong, immediate legal action. You need an experienced, knowledgeable professional license defense lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights. You need Bertolino LLP.

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    Understanding the Dental Board complaint process

    Don’t simply assume the complaint will go away because you believe it does not have any merit. You need to take such complaints seriously right from the start. Our results-driven lawyers work with a wide range of licensed professionals on a wide range of cases. If someone has filed a complaint against you or your business, we can work with you to build a strong case and do everything we can to get such complaints dismissed.

    The following are questions we can often answer for our clients:

    What does it mean if I received a letter of investigation from a Texas licensing board?
    If you receive a letter from a Texas state licensing or regulatory board, the letter serves as an official notice that you are being investigated for a complaint regarding some sort of violation or wrongdoing. A letter of investigation is something that you need to take seriously, as you may be in jeopardy of having your professional license suspended or revoked.

    How should I respond to the allegations made against me?
    Honestly, thoroughly, and with the help of a license defense attorney. Your initial responses to the allegations made against you are critical to the ultimate outcome of your case. Well-crafted and thorough responses to the allegations can help put an end to an investigation before it goes any further.

    We routinely put a stop to board investigations with thorough and powerful initial responses to the complaint allegations. We welcome you to read about the results we get for our clients here.

    What is going to happen now that my licensing board has notified me of a complaint?
    After your licensing board notifies you of a pending complaint, things will begin to happen very quickly. As soon as you are notified of a pending complaint, we urge you to consult with an experienced professional license defense attorney.

    What happens after the board notifies you depends largely on the enforcement process specific to your board. Generally, by the time a licensing board notifies a licensee of a pending complaint it has already conducted a preliminary investigation to determine if there is sufficient evidence to show that a violation of state law, ethics, or Board regulations may have occurred. After you are notified of the complaint you have the opportunity to provide the board with your initial responses to the allegations, along with relevant evidence in support of your responses.

    What kind of action can a Texas licensing board take against me?
    If a Texas licensing board or agency launches a formal investigation into a complaint or allegations against you, you may be subject to disciplinary action, such as:

    • A written warning
    • A mandate for continuing education
    • Ongoing monitoring/Additional reporting requirements
    • An administrative penalty/fine
    • Mandated participation in a drug or alcohol addiction program
    • Testing for drug use
    • Probation
    • A suspended professional license
    • A revoked professional license

    If your professional license is in danger of being suspended or revoked, let a Texas professional license defense attorney from Bertolino LLP fight for you.

    How can a Texas professional license defense attorney help me?
    If you’re in trouble and your professional license is in jeopardy, an experienced Texas professional license defense attorney can represent you and guide you through the entire process. A lawyer can also help you by:

    • Responding to a complaint/investigation letter.
    • Handling communications with investigators and board personnel.
    • Seeking out witnesses and evidence to corroborate your story.
    • Filling out all necessary paperwork and meeting critical deadlines.
    • Representing you during legal proceedings regarding defense of your professional license.
    • Appealing disciplinary action handed down by the governing board or agency.

    Every case is different, and no two clients ever have the same exact circumstances. To find out how our Texas professional license defense attorneys can help with your specific situation, contact us today to schedule a case evaluation.

    If I get an attorney to help me, won’t it make me look guilty?
    No, and most of the Texas licensing boards expect a professional to hire a lawyer. In fact, the complaint process is a stressful situation and your career is at stake. So, hiring an experienced attorney shows you’re taking the complaint seriously. Professionals need to hire other professionals when the situation calls for it.

    With your professional reputation and career at stake, you should strongly consider hiring Bertolino LLP to help you resolve your case. Our law firm is located in Austin and serves professionals throughout all of Texas.

    Serving Austin’s legal needs. Your case matters here
    With so much at stake, it’s important to have a professional license attorney in Texas you trust who knows how to get results. A Texas professional license defense lawyer at Bertolino LLP can work with you to build a defense that aggressively addresses such complaints. We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice.

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