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The funeral home industry in Texas must adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations. People rely on you during one of the most difficult times in their lives. They trust you to handle the funeral of a loved one professionally and with dignity. That's why you take you work so seriously. You realize what a critical role you serve in society.

That's why it can be so frustrating when someone files a formal complaint against you or your business. You work hard to do your job well. Now a complaint could put your career and your business in jeopardy. Don't simply assume such complaints will disappear. You need to take such complaints seriously and take legal action to protect your business – and your reputation.

The Texas Funeral Service Commission licenses professionals in the state of Texas and also reviews complaints. Once a complaint is received, an investigation is opened and you will be asked to provide documentation. Once you have provided material in your own defense, the executive director assesses administrative action or a penalty. If you receive a disciplinary action and don't agree to the action, you may request a formal bearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) or Alternative Dispute Resolution. The complaint will then be prosecuted by an administrative law judge (ALJ) where you can present your case along with any witness testimony for evidence.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling all types of licensing board cases.

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We understand this might be a confusing, frustrating time right now in your life. That's why it's even more important than ever to have someone on your side you can trust to look out for your best interests. At Bertolino LLP, we work strictly for you. We want to be your personal legal adviser, guiding you through this process step by step.

The experienced attorneys at Bertolino LLP know how to build cases that produce desired results. They thoroughly understand Texas' laws. Most of all, they want what's best for you. And they're willing to do whatever it takes to help you obtain a favorable decision that addresses all your needs.

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