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Choosing a Texas attorney is an important decision. Whether you need an attorney for professional license defense or medical license defense in Austin or anywhere in Texas, you will need a law firm with the experience and resources necessary to get fast results. One of the best ways to find out about the law firm is through client testimonials.  Find out what satisfied clients have to say about the help they received from Bertolino LLP:

This law firm was very friendly. Their customer service was second to none. They were very prompt returning phone calls, emails, and calling me with important details or updates. They were very clear and up front about what they needed from me and what I could expect. I hope that I don't need their services again, but will not hesitate to call or recommend them to family, friends, or colleagues. Thank you so much Bertollino and staff!!!

Review left on Google – 5 stars

- Amy B.

I loved the communication that the team provided throughout the process. They helped put my mind at ease instantly.

Review left on Google – 5 stars

- Michelle A.

I had the exceptional good fortune of the services of Bertolino Law Firm. My felt that my professional license was under attack and that if I didn't take the right step the future of my career was in jeopardy.

If it wasn't for the intervention of Tony Bertolino, Chris Henderson, Tyler Cota, London and Theresa, I doubt I would be where I am today.

They handled this beautifully. I was totally exonerated and am able to continue to provide professional services to my patients without any hinderance or cloud of suspicion, as it should be.

Review left on Avvo – 5 stars

- John R.

Bertolino LLP is the place to go for any legal matter with Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Chris Henderson, Tyler and staff were very knowledgeable, courteous, professional, compassionate, extremely kind, and best of all, believed in me. They went above and beyond for me, taking the necessary steps to ensure my professional reputation was restored. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Bertolino LLP to my colleagues, and all Texas pharmacists and technicians needing legal counsel on any Texas State Board matters because, at Bertolino LLP, the staff will go above and beyond for you, leaving no stone unturned. Thank you Chris Henderson and staff, and thank you Bertolino LLP.

Review left on Google – 5 stars

- Obi A.

The Betrolino Law Firm kept me informed every step of the way. The team was very professional in managing my case and keeping me informed of the developments as they transpired. The Bertolino Law Firm provided aggressive advocacy as I was facing severe disciplinary actions from the Texas State Board. I highly suggest the Bertolino Law team to any and every one who may be in jeopardy of disciplinary action taken on their license.

Review left on Facebook – 5 stars

- Joy O.

The Bertolino law firm did an outstanding job in my case; they explained me the complete process on how to resolve my case. Christopher and Tyler did an excellent job resolving my case and communicating with me throughout the process. I can assure you they are the best in licensing defense.

Review left on Avvo – 5 stars

- Carlos

Chris Henderson helped me with my dental board issue. He was very knowledgeable, confident and understood what we needed to do to clear up my issues. I switched to Chris Henderson after my first attorney suggested I “take the fall” for my issue. I felt confident that I was in the right, and Chris believed in me and my cause. Things were resolved, and I’m thankful for the efforts of Chris and those at the Bertolino firm.

Review left on Avvo – 5 stars

- Timothy J.

Recently, my professional reputation and livelihood as an educator was challenged. Chris Henderson Esq. believed in me; he is a very knowledgeable, supportive and compassionate attorney who provided quick responses to my inquiries about the procedures involved in my case. Given a wide variety of sources paralegal, Tyler Cota, wrote the most eloquent response packet to allegations brought against me. This incident has been extremely stressful; the Bertalino team worked diligently to restore my financial livelihood within a matter of months. I highly recommend this firm to anyone needing legal representation.

- Lin E.

We highly recommend Bertolino LLP to handle any issues you may have regarding your medical license. Chris Henderson represented my husband, and we can’t say enough great things about him, Tyler, and the staff. Mr. Henderson is VERY knowledgeable, professional, and personable; he’s easy to talk to and really listens to his clients and their concerns. Mr. Henderson was always accessible to us and answered any, and all, of our questions, which helped put our minds at ease. They explained the entire legal process to my husband and I, and did a great job of keeping us informed on the progress of our case; their communication with clients is excellent!!! Mr. Henderson and Tyler worked diligently to insure a successful outcome in our favor. They treated us with the upmost respect and care, and earned our loyalty as clients. Needless to say, we are exceptionally satisfied with the services rendered by Bertolino LLP.

Review left on Avvo – 5 stars

- L. Lago

Very professional yet personable at the same time. The first person you speak is Mr. Tony Bertolino. He explained you the process and listen to you, the client. You are not a case number. They took all the stress and anxiety off my shoulders and was then able to relax and focus on my career and family. They took care of the endless paperwork that the Texas State Nurse Board send to the nurse. The wrong response may jeopardize your license.

Bertolino Law is a firm comprised of an experienced and passionate legal team committed to helping nurses fight charges on their nursing license during the process with the Texas State Nurse Board. The firm legal team is driven by a genuine desire to help those in need and to ensure that the nurse obtain the personalized support they deserve and the aggressive and effective legal representation they require.

I give thanks for handling everything on my behalf. Truly grateful!!

Review left on Facebook – 5 stars

- Wilmer S.

Excellent service and responsiveness.

- Joe R.

I had a very good experience; all the personnel are very amicable and patient with us who are non-familiarized with the law and the civil procedures. They explain and follow up on our cases. We have worked with them on more than one occasion in different cities and always with winning results. Thank you.

- Edmundo F.

They have been responsive and keep me informed.

- Maria C.

Tony Bertolino is a very trustworthy attorney. I needed his help acquiring my W-2 from a former place of employment. I would call and email multiple times a day and would either be passed around or ignored completely. I reached out to Tony and told him my situation. It was getting close to the deadline to file taxes and I didn't want to face any penalties, especially since this wasn't my fault. He assured me that he will get me my W-2 by the end of the day. 2 hours later, my W-2 magically appeared in my email inbox. Thank you so much, Tony! You definitely relieved a bunch of unnecessary stress. I will definitely come to you in the future for any other needs.

- Cheryl M.

Great representation!

- Theresa M.

Keep you updated and informed of the progress of the case.

- Irene I.

I had to hire a lawyer to fight charges on my nursing license. I knew hiring a lawyer was expensive but I did not think it was as expensive as I thought it would be (if this makes any sense). They fought really well to have the charges removed and were successful. I'm very pleased with the outcome.

- Carole M.

During this extremely stressful time, Mr. Bertolino has helped me through the many steps involved in defending one's professional honor as well as livelihood. Just know up front this can take several years, not months, to complete. At no time is the board your friend or do they believe in you, but Mr. Bertolino has and continues as this awful drama continues.

- Sheryl H.

The Bertolino Law Firm did an excellent job on my very complicated divorce case. Tony and his team were always extremely professional and quick to answer my calls or questions effectively. The firm made me feel very secure with their extensive knowledge of the law. I highly recommend this law firm. They did an excellent job on my case. I appreciate what they did for my case and the support.

- Shalise S.

Everyone at this firm was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about Tony. I went to him for help with getting a professional license reinstated and he was successful. I truly do not think I could have done this on my own and I'm forever grateful.

- Rene F.

Bertolino, LLP
I want to thank you and the attorney for helping me.
Your office did a great job and if in the future I have any problems, or know of someone needing your help, I will recommend them to your firm.
Written by: Ms. Wenchieh C
Bertolino, LLP
Date published: 10/15/2014

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