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Being a licensed psychologist in Texas takes years of advanced training. Being a good psychologist also takes a certain kind of personality. You need to be strong yet sensitive, because you're dealing with the treatment of patients with a wide variety of emotional, mental, behavioral and occupational issues. As a psychologist, you work hard to develop a course of care that prevents or perhaps alleviates disorders through counseling individuals or perhaps groups.

With depressive disorders and other psychological diagnoses becoming more prevalent than ever before, many people turn to psychologists for therapy and a sense of balance. The professional stakes for psychologists are high. Psychologists are often called upon to work with people who exhibit behaviors that can lead to dangerous or upsetting consequences for themselves and even other people.

Bertolino LLP understands the important role psychologists have in Texas. That's why we work hard to protect the rights of licensed psychologists whose professionalism is being challenged by a patient or someone else. If someone has filed a formal complaint against you, contact us and allow an experienced medical license defense lawyer at our firm to handle your case and help protect your reputation.

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The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists is the governing body in our state that works to ensure that psychological services are issued by competent practitioners who maintain high ethical standards. If you have a patient who believes that you have not maintained the high level of expectations for your profession, either violating the state's Psychologist's Licensing Act or the rules of the Board, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a board complaint.

The complaint against you will be reviewed by an Enforcement Division that serves within the Board to determination if the charges are within the Board's jurisdiction. If so, an investigator receives the case and the work of reviewing documents and interviewing involved parties begins. If probable cause is found to exist, your case will be sent to the Disciplinary Review Panel and all parties will be invited to attend an informal settlement conference. Either an Agreed Order will be reached at this stage, or the complaint will become a contested case with the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). Whether you manage to find a resolution quickly or the process continues on for more than a year, don't go it alone.

Each case is unique. That’s why the attorneys at Bertolino LLP work closely with each client to design a legal strategy that addresses each client’s distinct needs. Such a hands-on approach routinely produces favorable outcomes. Put your trust in us. Call (512) 717-5432 and schedule an appointment at our Austin office. Discover what a professional attorney at Bertolino LLP can do for you. Contact us today and schedule a case evaluation.

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