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You have dedicated your career to helping people who are in urgent need of medical attention. You have gone through an extensive training and certification process to become a licensed paramedic or EMT. You put in long hours and deal with high-stress situations, and the work you do helps to keep our community safe. But a single complaint can destroy your livelihood, and all the hard work invested to build it. That is why a complaint that threatens your license can be so overwhelming. In an instant, your entire career is threatened. Turn to the paramedic license defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP to protect your livelihood.

We understand Texas' laws regarding paramedic licensing

EMTs have a somewhat more complex licensing system than many other medical professionals in Texas. There are five levels of certification, in ascending order:

  • Emergency Care Attendant (ECA)
  • EMT-Basic
  • EMT-Intermediate
  • EMT-Paramedic
  • Licensed Paramedic

Regardless of which certification you hold, you had to undergo significant training and education. The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) investigates allegations of misconduct by an EMT. Some allegations that could threaten your license include:

  • Drug or alcohol use while on duty;
  • Failure to follow protocol and provide the Department with requested information;
  • Reckless operation of an ambulance;
  • Criminal activity and failing to notify the Department of a change in criminal record;
  • Failure to meet duty of care to patients; and
  • Failure to appropriately document treatment and medication administration.

If the Department finds that an allegation has merit, you might face disciplinary action as severe as revocation and/or administrative penalty. Even if you keep your license, you may have difficulty getting or keeping a job because the allegations against you are published. With so much hanging in the balance, it is imperative that you contact an experienced license defense attorney as soon as you receive a notice of investigation. Turn to the attorneys at Bertolino LLP to help you build a strong defense.

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As your medical license defense attorney, we will take immediate action to help protect your career. We will pull out all stops to provide a strong defense and protect your license and livelihood. Our legal team will help you understand your recourse and build a strong defense.

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