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Appreciation for licensed chiropractors and the valuable work they do continues to grow throughout Texas. More than one in 20 Americans seek treatment every year from a chiropractor. Chiropractors treat patients with a wide range of health issues, from backaches to headaches to allergy problems. If you are a professional with a license in this field, you are well aware that this multifaceted discipline also lends itself to possible legal challenges to your work.

At Bertolino LLP, we work with licensed professionals like yourself facing formal complaints about the quality of their work and other legal issues. A formal complaint needs to be taken seriously right from the start. Even if you know you didn't do anything wrong, you need to take action fast to maintain your license. Your career could be on the line.

Board complaints in our state are handled by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, which consists of nine members appointed by the governor. This governing body is in place to make sure that all chiropractors have a strong understanding of their chosen profession and follow ethical expectations. When allegations or board complaints are made against a licensed chiropractor in either of the areas, the possibility of fines and sanctions exist following the Board's investigation.

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Don't wait until the complaint process is well underway, or assume the board will find in your favor just because you do not see merit to the case. You have spent years and invested a great deal of time and money building your career and your reputation. Make sure an attorney is by your side defending your license and practice from the moment that a board complaint arrives. From issues of symptom exacerbation to poor documentation of patient visits to questions of personal conduct, there are many ways your professional future can be threatened. You need an effective board defense lawyer to walk with you through every step in the process.

Building a strong legal case requires extensive knowledge of state and federal laws. At Bertolino LLP, our knowledgeable attorneys have dedicated their careers to providing people with exceptional legal advice. This applies especially to cases involving the license of a chiropractor. Not every lawyer knows how to handle complicated professional license defense cases. We do. Contact Bertolino LLP and schedule a case evaluation.

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