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If you are a licensed optometrist in Texas, you know how high the stakes are if a complaint is submitted to the Texas Optometry Board. Your license is threatened. As an optometrist, you want to spend your time helping your patients. Yet, you need to take a threat against your livelihood seriously. You need to contact Bertolino LLP, where a medical license defense attorney is ready to help you.

Understanding the Board role in complaint investigations

Under Texas law, TOB has the authority to investigate allegations of misconduct related to the practice of optometry, such as violations of state optometry laws and standards of care issues. If you are the subject of a complaint to TOB, a preliminary investigation will be completed to determine TOB jurisdiction. Complaints within TOB jurisdiction will then be subject to a formal investigation. If a formal investigation is opened, you will be notified open of such and will have a limited time in which to submit a response to the Investigation Enforcement Committee. During that time, the Committee will continue to investigate to determine the validity of the complaint. Then, TOB will determine the appropriate disciplinary action.

The action(s) taken by TOB will depend on the nature of the complaint and the findings of the investigation. A letter of noncompliance or reprimand might be issued. The matter may be referred to an informal hearing or to a formal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). After such a hearing, the ALJ will submit to TOB a recommendation for an appropriate disciplinary action; however, TOB has the final authorit to accept the ALJ recommendations and can even increase the penalty recommended. You can appeal the decision of TOB to district court in Travis County.

You have rights. We can help protect them.

The consequences of a complaint filed with TOB can be severe; your license can be suspended, restricted, or revoked. Additionally, all TOB disciplinary action is a matter of public record, meaning the damage to your reputation can be severe as well. Throughout the process you have rights and options. It is critical you contact an experienced license defense attorney as soon you are notified of a TOB investigation.

When Bertolino LLP is your attorney, we will guide you through each step of the process, from your initial response through hearings and appeals. Do not try to handle the Board on your own. Turn to Bertolino LLP to start building your defense.

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