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    Dentists and other dental professionals work hard to provide patients with oral care that contributes to overall patient health. Worry regarding a Texas State Board of Dental Examiners disciplinary action can be frustrating and time consuming. TSBDE, or the Dental Board, has the authority to revoke, suspend or restrict your license, as well as limit other important professional privileges such as anesthesia privileges. Enforcement actions by the Board are published to the TSBDE website, meaning the damage to your reputation can be as devastating as the enforcement action itself.

    Do not risk the Dental Board alone. Talk to a medical license defense attorney who understands the process, knows how to counter Board arguments, and will advocate for you. Contact Bertolino LLP today.

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    Understanding the Dental Board complaint process

    When the TSBDE receives a complaint against a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, or dental laboratory, it will first conduct a preliminary investigation to determine whether it has the authority to act. TSBDE jurisdiction includes duty of fair dealings, quality of care concerns, and professional and ethical conduct as well as compliance with TSBDE rules and regulations. Failure to meet standards of care complaints are reviewed by the Dental Review Panel as well.

    Complaints determined to be under TSBDE jurisdiction result in a formal investigation. If notified by the Dental Board you are under investigation, you have a limited time to respond to the TSBDE investigative staff. Meanwhile, the investigative staff will have begun the investigation process with authority to review patient records, billing records, and other documents as well as interview involved parties and take other investigative steps as needed.

    A complaint with sufficient evidence will proceed to the disciplinary process, at which point TSBDE may impose an Administrative Penalty, recommend a Remedial Plan, or impose a formal Board Order. At each stage, you have rights and opportunities to take proactive actions to protect your license, including the ability to negotiate with the complainant and TSBDE.

    A law firm you can trust; a law firm that will stand up to the Board for you

    The dental license defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP have extensive experience representing dental professionals who face TSBDE disciplinary action. From drafting an initial response to administrative hearing representation, we are here to help protect your career. Contact us to help defend your license and your career.

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