No nurse wants to learn they have been the subject of a complaint before the Texas Board of Nursing. Anyone can file these complaints, and they can result in serious professional repercussions, including revocation of the license to practice as a nurse in the state. Such a result generally means that the possibility of licensure elsewhere is off the table as well. This all amounts to a lot of wasted money, wasted time, and wasted expertise—a career, and life, in ruins. And all of this may happen without the nurse ever knowing who filed the complaint.
That’s right. While a nurse under fire is granted the opportunity to respond to any allegations made in the complaint—a task for which they should certainly get the help of an experienced professional license defense attorney—the state has determined that the identity of the person who complained should be kept confidential. And not just at the start, but through the whole investigation process. Further—even if the nurse is censured with disciplinary action, and even if their license is revoked, they will never be informed about who started the process of their ruin. This is, in large part, because of the nature of patient confidentiality.
This has the potential to throw roadblocks into the path of an accused nurse. But we should note that it is always the case that a nurse has the right to defend against a complaint against their license as a matter of due process. And while not knowing who made that complaint can be particularly problematic where forming a solid defense is concerned, it certainly doesn’t make a good defense impossible, especially if one is familiar with the Board of Nursing’s complaint process, as we are.
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