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The Texas Board of Nursing is the accrediting board responsible for the licensure, regulation, and monitoring of the 260,000 RNs and 98,00 vocational nurses in the state of Texas. It also approves 114 RN programs and 98 programs for vocational nurses throughout the state. The organization was created with the passage of the Nursing Practice Act of 1909, which formally recognized nursing as a profession within the state of Texas.

Boisterous Beginnings and the Creation of Nursing Standards

The first meeting of the Texas Board of Nursing took place in July of 1909. At the time, professional nursing leaders still took significant issue with the Act–for example, the term “professional nursing” lacked definition, and protections of the act only applied to “registered nurses.” The initial board vowed to create more comprehensive protections and standards for a wider variety of nursing professionals.

Notable Amendments

In 1911, Texas legislature passed Senate Bill 334, which instituted policies that were more stringent. For example, two of the board’s five members were required to have at least two years’ experience in nursing education. In addition, those sitting for their examination would have to graduate from a chartered training school run by a graduate nurse.
In 1923, the BON gained the ability to govern nursing education by adding a requirement stipulating that applicants applying for licensure must be graduates of an accredited school with BON approval.
It wasn’t until 1967 that the BON would win their argument to define professional nursing. The BON then redefined professional nursing in accordance with the definition recommended by the American Nurses Association for the first time since 1909. In SB 342, the board also won additional power in disciplinary proceedings, including how to handle felony convictions, drug or alcohol use, or unprofessional conduct.

The Board of Nursing—Modern Times

Today, the Texas Board of Nursing is dedicating to promoting health and protecting the people of Texas by ensuring that each person who holds a nursing license in Texas can competently practice and perform their duties. They achieve these aims through a series of regulatory, disciplinary, and educational activities. They maintain a leadership role in regulating nursing practice and nursing education. The board also regulates and takes charge of the administration of the NCLEX exam in the state of Texas.
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