Nurses work hard for years to achieve and maintain their licenses. A wrongful accusation filed with the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) can lead to unfair sanctions, including license suspension or revocation. Nurses cannot pursue their careers with a revoked or suspended license.
You can respond to a BON compliant investigation alone or with help from an experienced attorney. A Texas license defense lawyer can protect nursing professionals from harsh and unreasonable disciplinary actions:

  1. Experienced attorneys can explain what you need to do in simple, plain language, so you don’t have to worry about what comes next.

The Texas Board of Nursing handles cases involving the Nursing Practice Act and board-specific rules and regulations. Many of these are counterintuitive. A qualified lawyer can guide you through the process, answer questions as they arise and prepare you to deal with the board and/or the administrative law judge (ALJ) ruling on your matter.

  1. They have community connections.

Professional license defense attorneys often pull from a diverse range of resources to protect their clients. They routinely work with expert witnesses as well as the members from professional licensing boards. An experienced attorney may know how certain board members tend to rule and base a defense strategy on that knowledge.

  1. They can help you identify the root cause of your crisis and fix it.

Whether you’re a registered nurse in trouble for forgetting hospital protocol or a vocational nurse facing sanctions for overstepping your bounds with a patient, you need (at least) two types of help. First, you need to deal with your current crisis—which might be putting your license at risk. Second, you need to clarify the root cause of that crisis and fix that, too, so you don’t wind up in the same position a year or two from now. A qualified attorney can analyze what went wrong and make sure the problem doesn’t resurface.

  1. They provide cost-effective services (especially when you consider the costs of a bad outcome).

In general, seasoned lawyers need less time to investigate, research, and prepare their clients’ claims than novices do. Whether your case is routine or oddly complex, you want an attorney who can handle it efficiently.

  1. They reduce the risk associated with nursing license investigations.

A license investigation can jeopardize your entire career. Few nurses have access to the resources and legal knowledge needed to thoroughly address an unfair or unfounded compliant on their own. The right lawyer can provide invaluable support during a BON case and protect your future.
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