The Texas Medical Board (TMB) regulates the medical profession in Texas. It is responsible for licensing doctors, ensuring compliance with licensure requirements, and the enforcement process when a complaint is lodged against a licensee. If, after due process is afforded, TMB determines that a serious violation of the Medical Practice Act, the standard of care, or a TMB Rule occurred, it has the authority to suspend or revoke a medical license.
Can a Texas Doctor Get a Suspended Medical License Reinstated?
The short answer is yes: TMB Rules allow for a Texas doctor who had his or her medical license suspended or revoked to request reinstatement of licensure. However, stringent requirements must be met in order to have a medical license reinstated.
Reinstatement of Medical License Following Suspension
A doctor whose license was suspended by Order of the TMB must submit a written request to TMB’s Compliance Division and appear at a “probationer show compliance” proceeding. 22 TAC §167.1(a)(1).
A request for reinstatement must include evidence that all stipulations for the probation of the suspension have been completed.
The applicant must wait at least one-year after the date the suspension became effective. A request for reinstatement after suspension cannot be considered more than once per year, unless otherwise specified by Board Order.
Reinstatement of Medical License Following Revocation
A doctor whose license was revoked must complete in every detail the application for reissuance of license, including payment of the required application fee. 22 TAC §167.1(b)(1). The applicant for reissuance of a license following revocation must also demonstrate compliance with current licensure eligibility requirements and must appear before a committee of the board for a determination regarding reissuance of license.
As with suspension, one must wait at least one year after the date the revocation became effective to apply for reinstatement. Likewise, a request for reinstatement after revocation cannot be considered more than once annually.
Applying for Medical License Reinstatement
If your medical license was suspended or revoked by TMB, more than one year has passed since the suspension or revocation, and you otherwise meet the criteria for reinstatement, you may petition TMB to reinstate your medical license. We encourage you to have the help of a Texas Medical License Defense Attorney to help you through the process.
You may only seek medical license reinstatement once per year, so it is critical to get it right the first time. BERTOLINO LLP can help you. We are experienced medical license defense attorneys and we know how to navigate the TMB’s reinstatement or complaint process. We are prepared to represent you at any legal hearing or proceeding regarding your professional license, including:

  • Show Compliance Proceedings after License Suspension or Revocation
  • Temporary Suspension Hearings
  • Informal Settlement Conferences (ISC)
  • State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) Proceedings

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