Much to their displeasure, we’re sure, it is not the case that the involvement of Professional Engineers is required for every single engineering project that takes place in the state of Texas. While this cadre of eminent professionals has undertaken a vigorous regimen of study and engaged in a minimum of four years of high-level engineering practice—which proves them to be qualified and competent to a degree recommending them to be put in charge over works of engineering that requires analysis and design—there are scenarios where their profound expertise is not strictly necessary for a project’s success. This is reflected in Texas law.
According to the Texas Occupational Code governing the matter, the involvement of a Professional Engineer is not required for specific private and commercial projects, and even in particular public works projects.
Among the private and commercial projects not necessitating a Professional Engineer’s expertise are garages and similar structures; private dwellings (houses); single-level apartments in which there are eight or fewer units per structure;  two-story apartments in which there are four or fewer units per structure; barns or sheds used for farming or agricultural purposes; buildings with flooring area of fewer than 5,000 square feet containing supporting structures 24 feet or closer to each other.
Among the public works for which Private Engineers need not apply are: works involving electrical or mechanical engineering for which the estimated cost is $8000 or less; works not involving electrical or mechanical engineering for which the estimated cost is $20,000 or less; and works that are for the purpose of maintaining roads or are instituted by a county’s commissioners court.
That’s not a long list, all things considered. For every other sort of building project, the high-demand expertise of Professional Engineers is both required and desired.
But Professional Engineers can’t get involved in those projects if their license is put at risk by someone filing a complaint with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.
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