Is fingerprinting now required for all texas veterinarians

Texas law now requires all licensed veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs), and licensed equine dental providers (EDPs) to submit fingerprints to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. Veterinary Licensing Act § 801.267. The fingerprints will be used to perform a criminal history record check.
New applicants have been required to submit fingerprints with their application as of October 1, 2018. Applicants for license renewal must submit fingerprints, beginning with licenses expiring in January 2019.
Failure to Submit Your Fingerprints
Failure to submit your fingerprints will come with severe consequences. The Board will not renew a veterinary license until proper fingerprints have been submitted. This means your license will expire at the end of your birth month, the year in which renewal is due. It is illegal to practice veterinary medicine without a valid license from the Board. Practicing without a license may subject you to disciplinary action by the Board.
How to Submit Your Fingerprints
Fingerprints may be submitted through IdentoGo Centers, which are located throughout the state. You can enroll online at using service code 11HT6Y. From IdentoGo’s website, you can locate a fingerprinting center, schedule a fingerprinting appointment, and review what documents you must bring to your appointment.

  • The total cost of fingerprinting is $37.00.
  • Fingerprints currently on file with any other state or federal agency are not sufficient and will not be accepted.
  • Military personnel on active duty may continue to review while on active duty.

After the Board receives your fingerprints, it will run a criminal background check. The Board will be notified if you were arrested or charged with a crime. If you failed to disclose criminal activity on a license application or renewal or failed to report criminal activity as required by Board Rules, the Board may pursue disciplinary action against you.
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