Podiatrists do a great service to the people of Texas. After many years of schooling, including the time spent gaining their D.P.M. from an accredited college of podiatric medicine, they earn the skills necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat foot disorders resulting from disease or injury. They may perform or order any necessary diagnostic tests, administer necessary medications, prescribe both physical therapy and medications, and even perform surgery to help their patients heal. Moreover, they often catch the first symptoms of more widespread diseases that might otherwise go undetected—such as diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, and heart disease—because these ailments sometimes manifest their first effects in the body’s extremities. So it is particularly unfortunate when a podiatrist finds they have become the subject of a professional complaint against their license.
The responsibility for issuing and maintaining licenses of podiatrists in Texas is in the hands of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)—a relatively recent change, the Texas State Board of Podiatric Examiners having been phased out in 2017. This agency is, therefore, also now responsible for investigating complaints against a podiatrist’s license, and for meting out punishment if the board decides it is warranted. The change of licensing board did not result in any changes to the rules to which podiatrists are subject—they were transferred over the whole cloth.
When a podiatrist receives notice of a complaint against their license, their first instinct may be to simply ignore it and hope it will go away—particularly if they consider it baseless. But this would be a big mistake, one putting their reputation, career, and livelihood at risk. The Department does not exist for the protection of podiatrists (or any other licensee), but for the safety of the public. Even if no harm has come to the individual who filed the complaint, any evidence of rules broken, whether in the scope of the initial complaint or not, may result in a loss of license. And ignoring the initial letter of a complaint without making a proper response is the easiest way to let the investigators determine their scope—starting with disciplining the podiatrist for failing to make a response.
So if you find your license under attack, your best bet is to contact a professional license defense attorney at the earliest possible moment.
Professional License Defense
BERTOLINO LLP provides aggressive advocacy for podiatric professionals who are facing disciplinary action before TDLR—for any reason. We know how to build a strong case to protect your license—and your livelihood. We highly recommend that no podiatrist attempt to handle a complaint made against their license without the aid of a professional license defense attorney.
Our law firm helps medical professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by a state agency or board.
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