Managing your medical license complaint in texas

Texas physicians have a stressful enough life situation without the specter of a formal complaint against their licenses hovering over their heads. But the fact is, in highly emotional situations such as those likely to arise within the medical setting, complaints are almost bound to happen no matter how carefully a physician conducts their business. That said, when the notice arrives from the Texas Medical Board that a formal complaint has been lodged, there are some steps a physician needs to take to improve their chance of a positive outcome in the case to come.
First of all, there’s the matter of getting control of one’s mindset. It’s important that a physician not take things so personally that they avoid immediately wrangling with the complaint. They should gather together every document and other form of evidence that could pertain to the complaint. And they should be sure to put important elements and deadlines related to the case on their schedules immediately so as to avoid time conflicts. And they should contact an experienced professional license defense attorney as soon as they receive the complaint.
Naturally, a physician will want to become familiar with the Texas Medical Board complaint process takes, which we can help with. The Board has a very particular process for handling complaints and performing investigations—but it’s important that a physician recognize that they are entitled to representation at every stage, so as to perform a vigorous defense of their license against the prosecutorial force of the Board.
Of course, the first step in the process is to craft a response letter to the complaint notice. This is more important than most people at first ascertain. When left unchecked, complaint investigations have a way of spreading in scope to dig up issues not even dreamt of in the initial complaint—all of which can increase the number of reasons for which the Board may decide to mete punishment upon the physician at question.
When you receive the notice of a complaint, therefore, it is vital that you immediately seek our advice. Permitting our firm to engage in a thorough review of allegations, and to help craft the initial letter, and to stand by your side at every stage in the process, will give you the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your case.
Our law firm helps physicians keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by the state.
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