Have you ever dreamed of landing a walk-on role in the next 19th century period piece starring Meryl Streep? Or, maybe you envision yourself starring opposite Tom Hanks in a blockbuster romantic comedy that will dominate the box office all summer long? You know that you would be clutching an Academy Award in your hands if only you lived in New York or Los Angeles, as all of the major movies seem to be filmed in these cities. Governor Rick Perry may have helped you and other Texans come one step closer to your silver screen dreams.
The governor signed legislation that has the purpose of drawing more moviemakers to the Lone Star State. The new law, which was proposed by Rep. Dawnna Dukes of Austin, gives the Texas Film Commission more leeway concerning the size of grants that it can offer to production companies. While Texas already has a film and television incentive law in place, the hope is that this new measure will provide even more encouragement to get the cameras rolling here. Texas has such a wonderful variety of backdrops for movies and I look forward to seeing both our cities and open spaces highlighted more after this new law takes effect.
As more movie productions set up shop here, there should be greater opportunity for local actors and technical staff to get involved in the filmmaking process, let alone Hollywood celebrities. With these newly opened doors will come contracts to be signed, intellectual property rights to be protected, and performance agreements to be discussed. The attorneys at Bertolino LLP who practice entertainment law will be able to assist you with this process. In fact, our law firm has attorneys who are also registered and licensed talent agents who actively represents aspiring actors and actresses throughout Texas. If you live in Texas and are involved in any way with the entertainment or talent agency industry, please contact one of our entertainment lawyers at our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio office and let’s discuss how we can help.

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