When the Texas Medical Board (TMB) takes disciplinary action against a medical professional it licenses, it must report certain information. The mandatory reporting requirements make disciplinary action against your professional license accessible by the public. This means that future patients, prospective employers, or anyone else will be able to see license suspensions, sanctions, or other disciplinary action the TMB orders against you.
If you have been notified by the TMB of a complaint against you, it is critical that you seek the help of an experienced medical license defense attorney. Understand that if someone files a complaint against you, even if you feel the complaint is unfounded, your career could be in jeopardy. You spent years earning your professional license, you need someone who can protect your rights and put forward the best defense possible.
Disciplinary Information the Texas Board of Medicine Must Report
The TMB is mandated to report to the National Practitioner Data Bank all required disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions that are required to be reported include, but are not limited to, license suspension, revocation, or public reprimand.
Further, TMB disciplinary actions are made public. This means that disciplinary information will be available to future employers, prospective patients, credentialing boards, insurance companies, and anyone else.
Disciplinary information will be distributed in:

  • News releases;
  • Published in the TMB Bulletin; and
  • Published on the licensee’s TMB public profile.

The information distributed via these channels includes the names and summaries of any type of order approved by the board, including any Agreed Order, Temporary Suspension Order, and the Board’s Final Order.
The TMB considers Remedial Plans non-disciplinary actions. Remedial Plans are made publicly available on the licensee’s profile, but are not reported in news releases or the TMB Bulletin. To learn more, read our article Is a “Remedial Plan” Offered By the Texas Medical Board Really a Non-Disciplinary Order? 
When Your Professional License is Under Attack
If someone has lodged a formal complaint against you and your license, your professional reputation and good name are on the line. It’s critically important that you take the complaint seriously from the start and address the allegations head-on.
Our law firm helps professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by a state agency or board.
The professional license defense lawyers at Bertolino Law Firm have consistently won significant cases for doctors, nurses, lawyers, architects, pharmacists and other professionals dealing with issues that could jeopardize their ability to work. We know how to build a strong case to protect your license – and your livelihood. Our results speak for themselves.
If you have received a licensing complaint, BERTOLINO LLP can help. We represent licensed professionals across the entire State of Texas. Our honest, experienced attorneys will fight aggressively on behalf of your license and reputation. Contact us today or call (512) 476-5757 and schedule a case evaluation.

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