The attorneys of BERTOLINO LLP have successfully helped clients resolve a wide range of complicated legal matters involving professional license defense, medical license defense, and vocational license defense.
Your career, livelihood, and reputation are at stake when an allegation of misconduct is lodged against you and your professional license. If you are facing a complaint filed with a Texas licensing board or State regulatory agency, fill out our case evaluation form. Meeting with an attorney as soon as practicable after being notified of pending allegations helps ensure the best possible outcome in your case.
Case Evaluation with BERTOLINO LLP
At your case evaluation, you will meet with one of our experienced license defense attorneys to discuss the merits of your potential case.
We urge you not to assume you do not have a legal case, or that there is no defense available for you to fight against allegations of professional misconduct, without first consulting with us. Moreover, even if your case seems straightforward at first, or you feel the complaint is meritless, we urge you not to assume you can properly handle such legal matters on your own. You have the right to legal representation to help you protect your professional license, career, and livelihood – exercise this right.
Often disciplinary actions turn out to be much more complicated than first anticipated. Make sure you have a skilled license defense attorney on your side, fighting for your rights.
At your case evaluation, you can expect to get straight, honest answers from an experienced and dedicated Texas license defense attorney. Together we will review the specifics of the allegations made against you so we can give you legal advice specific to your situation. If there is a mutual fit, we will enter into a written attorney-client fee agreement that will clearly lay out the scope of legal services that we will provide and the costs of those services. To better understand how our law firm operates, we invite you to read testimonials from our clients here.

You have questions. We can help. Discover what BERTOLINO LLP can do for you.

The experienced professional license defense attorneys at BERTOLINO LLP know how to carefully research every potential case. With decades of combined experience and knowledge, our attorneys thoroughly understand state and federal laws and how they apply to the specifics of your case. We know how to navigate the complaint process, gather evidence, question witnesses, and prepare powerful defenses against allegations of misconduct.
The fact is, what might seem like a trivial piece of information can be a crucial piece of evidence. Our attorneys understand this. This is why we tailor our approach to every case and dig into the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations and investigation against you. We know that the more information we have on our side, the easier it is for us to get clients the results they need and deserve.
Complex licensing cases demand an experienced license defense attorney. Administrative law is a specialized area of law. Each Texas licensing board operates under rules and regulations specific to it. Your professional, medical, or vocational license is your livelihood. When your career is on the line, it is crucial that you hire an attorney experienced with complex license defense cases.
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We represent licensed professionals across the entire State of Texas. Our honest, experienced attorneys will fight aggressively on behalf of your license and reputation.
“Our law firm helps professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by a state agency or board.” -Tony R. Bertolino, Managing Partner
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