The handling of evidence is a sacrosanct thing in the field of law. A case is generally made up of evidence and the narratives put forth by each side based on that evidence with the purpose of showing that their client’s case is the more legitimate side in the matter. Which is to say that where each side in a case is building a metaphorical structure, the evidence at issue within the case is the bedrock upon which the latticework of narrative must stand.
If an attorney in a case either falsifies, mishandles, or conceals evidence, then the likelihood of either truth or true justice being reached in the course of a case is rendered low indeed, erected as it has been on shifting ground. As such, the Texas State Bar has made clear that an attorney who engages in such behavior—or who is accused of such behavior—is at real risk for having their license revoked.
There is an inherent tension in the practice of law between the rigorous representation of one’s client, the need for a win, and the system’s aim of seeking justice. It is, frankly, natural for an attorney who comes across evidence that runs counter to both the desires of their client and the narrative the attorney would like to build in their client’s favor, to feel that niggling urge to sweep the evidence under the rug.
The threat of disbarment can seem distant indeed when in the heat of battle on a client’s behalf, and one could even see a sense of selflessness in the urge, given the potential threat to the attorney’s livelihood. But when the case has cooled, or the mishandling of the evidence is revealed, then the risk the attorney has taken becomes clear indeed.
Accusations of mishandling of evidence are, in other words, extremely serious. They can taint an attorney’s career forever, and, in the extreme case, can result in disbarment. That’s why, if you are accused of mishandling evidence, it’s vital you get an experienced professional license defense attorney at your side as soon as possible.
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