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Texas Medical Professionals May Suffer From Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a problem among Texas professionals in many fields, but few professions see a higher rate of abuse than those working in the medical field. And most of these instances of abuse are part of the "opioid crisis," as the addictions are mainly to narcotics. There are many thousands of healthcare professionals nationwide...

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The Sorts of Complaints Texas Chiropractors Must Fight Against

Texas Chiropractors face numerous practical challenges in maintaining their practice through the years. Not least among these is adhering to chiropractic care standards as enforced by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners. The Board accepts complaints from the public regarding potential lapses or violations in this standard of care—and when it determines that a chiropractor...

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What Not to Do When You Receive Notice of a Professional Complaint in Texas

It's never a pleasant experience to receive notice that a formal complaint has been filed against your professional license. After all, any complaint made against a professional with your licensing Board not only puts you at risk of internal discipline but of losing your license altogether—which naturally risks both your reputation and your livelihood. But...

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