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Dealing With a Texas Medical Board Investigation

A physician who receives notice of an investigation having been launched by the Texas Medical Board is in a precarious position. The stress this causes can be extreme. After all, physicians toil for years to earn their medical licenses and do their earnest best to provide their patients with the best possible medical care. Allegations—in...

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Child Care Operations—and the Types of Complaints They Receive

Operators of child care operations in the state of Texas provide a critically important service to society. Workers in every sector of our economy utilize child care to perform their own unique functions—a fact that everyone has become acutely aware of in the COVID-19 pandemic era. Yet, because they are charged with caring for society’s...

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What Sorts of Conduct Cause Texas Nurses to Be Disciplined

No two ways about it: If you’re a nurse in Texas and you are facing disciplinary action because someone has interpreted your conduct in a way that, if proven, would be a strike against you, your license is at stake. Any nurse that is found by the Texas Board of Nursing—the regulating body that both...

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Explaining the Power that Texas Licensing Boards Have

The amount of power that licensing agencies, boards, and commissions in Texas wield over the licensees is remarkable. These boards are the result of statutes passed by the Texas legislature, which provides them with special powers, commonly enumerated in those statutes, in the Texas Administrative Code, or in rules adopted by the boards (and often...

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Disclosure When Applying for the Texas Bar

Any applicant to the Texas Bar must be capable of demonstrating that they are individuals possessed with moral character. The Texas Board of Law Examiners—a panel composed of nine attorneys that the Texas Supreme Court has appointed to the task—is vigilant in determining that all applicants meet the requirements for eligibility to the Bar. While...

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