Complaints made to the agencies, commissions and licensing boards of Texas are serious. These complaints and the investigations that follow have the power to level a professional’s reputation and may even result in suspension or revocation of their license. Which is to say, a Texas professional who receives notice of a formal complaint against their license is in a state of crisis. And a crisis requires an immediate response.
Some professionals who consider a complaint that has been made against them to be frivolous or unfounded then make the unfortunate mistake of not taking the existence of the complaint seriously and sometimes put off responding to it. This is the worst thing a professional can do in this situation. Such a complaint must be met with an immediate response of appropriate force and craftsmanship. It should not be put off until a deadline approaches—or, worse, until after one has passed. Missing a deadline is likely to count as a punishable offense in and of itself.
In fact, as soon as a professional receives the letter notifying them of a formal complaint, they should contact an occupational license defense attorney. The earlier an attorney is involved, the more time we have to work the case prior to the deadline—and the first deadline tends to be one of the more important. It is usually the date at which a response to the complaint is due, which is a professional’s first chance to establish a defense. It also helps to craft the scope of the investigation to follow.
Many professions permit (or even encourage) their licensees to procure profession-specific insurance. Doctors, for example, usually have policies designed to protect them in the case of malpractice. A licensed professional who receives notice of a complaint and has a policy should quickly review it to determine whether it covers defense against complaints by their professional Board. This would be separate from any coverage they contain for defending against malpractice or malfeasance. But if it contains any such provisions, it may cover attorney’s fees.
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