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The Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying (TBPLS) examines and regulates the licenses of surveyors to ensure that Texas residents can obtain accurate surveys prepared by qualified surveyors. You worked hard to earn your land surveying license from the TBPLS, and a complaint about your license can put your career at risk. That’s when a vocational license defense attorney can make a meaningful difference.

There are three groups of surveyors regulated by the TBPLS:

  • Professional land surveyors, who conduct land boundary and property surveys for the general public.
  • State land surveyors, who conduct surveys on land sought by the state or public schools, or on land requiring an original survey for the purpose of filing field notes with the General Land Office.
  • Certified surveyors-in-training who have met all of the basic requirements for registration and have served a two-year apprenticeship with a registered surveyor. prior to taking the exam for registration.

The TBPLS authority over surveyor licenses

The TBPLS implements and enforces standards of conduct of registered and licensed surveyors. This can often include suspending or revoking a license or registration and seeking instruction to halt violations of the laws governing the practice of surveying. The Board does not conduct periodic investigations of surveyors. However, it will investigate complaints as necessary and hold administrative hearings regarding the complaint.

The Attorney General's Office represents the TBPLS in formal hearings. Other functions of the Board include preparing and distributing annually a roster of licensed and registered surveyors, and developing and implementing a public information program regarding land surveying and its regulation.

Why hire an attorney?

If you have been notified of a complaint against your land surveyor license, your career and livelihood could be on the line. In that case, you should respond to the allegations in writing immediately. During this initial stage, you should also hire an experienced professional license defense attorney who will work with you every step of the way to protect your career.

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