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You’ve Lost Your Nursing License…Now What?

Sad female doctorLosing your nursing license can seem like the end of the world. The first thing to remember is that your professional life isn’t over. There are a variety of great jobs available to former nurses that we’ll discuss. But more importantly, you need to know what to do to protect your professional reputation, because it’s not too late to save your license.

Challenge the NPDB Report

When adverse actions are taken against a health-care provider, a report is usually sent to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB). The NPDB serves as a clearing house of information for hospitals, clinics, licensing boards and other entities when they’re considering whether to extend practice privileges, job offers, licensure or other opportunities to health professionals. You need to know that you can challenge a report against you with a written statement that will be sent to any entity that also receives the NPDB report. While the statement won’t change the report, it can dispute the report’s findings, which will help you maintain your professional reputation as you seek other job opportunities.

Transferable Skill Set

A nurse whose license has been revoked or suspended will find job opportunities in health care limited. While it is possible for an unlicensed nurse to remain in healthcare – for example, as a nursing assistant – it would make sense to find work where your nursing skills are transferable. Such opportunities exist in the fields of information technology, where a nurse’s experience with computers will be valued, and consulting, such as with a company that sells a nursing-related product. In either case, it might make sense to expand your skill set to include certifications like a degree in IT or business administration.

Preparing for Reinstatement

While you are under investigation by the Board of Nursing, you have options open to you. We would advise against relying on the BON investigator or any other BON personnel. We would also suggest that you don’t reply to inquiries from the BON on your own. Mishaps, even slight ones, can doom your quest for reinstatement. Rather, it’s best to seek the advice of an experienced license defense attorney as soon as possible to go over the particulars of your case and plot the best course of action.

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