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Austin Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Tony R. Bertolino Discusses Report about Cellphone Photos, Car Accident Risk in Texas

SOURCE: Austin, TX (Law Wire News)  March 11, 2014 Commenting on a news report about teen drivers who use their cellphones to snap pictures of themselves while driving, Austin lawyer Tony R. Bertolino said today that taking "selfies" behind-the-wheel is yet another technology-related driver distraction that could lead to tragic consequences. Attorney Bertolino said...

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Austin Car Accident Attorney Comments on Report about Assumptions Made in Fatal Crash

SOURCE: Austin, TX (Law Wire News) January 16, 2014 In a story out of North Carolina that made national headlines first for the outrage that a driver could put his family in danger through careless choices and then quickly turned to an outpouring of sympathy for a father whose actions had been misunderstood, Alex Hooper...

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Austin Personal Injury Attorney at Bertolino LLP Comments on Report about Prominent Distraction for Drivers

SOURCE: Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 10, 2013 When asked for his reaction to a recent study conducted by the Monash University Accident Research Center in Australia showing that driving with children in the backseat is twelve times more dangerous than using a hands-free cell phone, Austin distracted driving accident attorney Tony R. Bertolino said that...

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SOURCE: While the rules of the roads are always important, one Texas attorney reminds drivers that the risks are even greater this time of year Austin, Texas. November 20, 2013. Over the next two weeks, millions of travelers will be filling our highways and traveling long distances to spend time with family and friends...

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