Anyone can enter a complaint against a pharmacy, or a specific pharmacist. Although some complaints are filed regarding valid errors and blatant violations, consumers, patients, and others may also lodge grievances that are either erroneous on their part—or even completely unfounded.
The TSBP Evaluates All Complaints
Those filing complaints with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy must do so in writing, after which the TSBP evaluates them regarding jurisdiction and the details of the grievance. If the pharmacy or pharmacist in question is licensed by the TSBP and the alleged complaint is considered a violation of Board rules, an investigation may be opened.
Consult with a License Defense Attorney Immediately
If you are the licensee, this is usually a time of substantial—and understandable—stress, as your pharmacist’s license and degree represent years of challenging school and training. Now, the livelihood that you are most likely very proud of could be in jeopardy. This is the time to consult with an experienced license defense law firm like BERTOLINO LLP who will be able to help you through such an ordeal, as well as protecting your reputation and license. If possible, you should consult with your attorney before giving any information or evidence to the investigators from the TSBP.
Do Not Underestimate the Importance of the Informal Conference
The ‘informal conference’ that will be called for is one to be taken very seriously. You will receive a letter from the Board regarding the alleged violation, and it is imperative that you respond. Neglecting to write a response could result in serious disciplinary action by the Board.
At the informal conference, you will appear before the Board staff, at least one member, and at least one attorney for the Board. These individuals will ask you questions about the incident or problem that resulted in the complaint. The Board will ask you to leave the room while they make their decision, and then you will then return to hear their verdict. It is very important to have an experienced attorney with you during this process. The formal decision will then be mailed to you for your signature, unless you intend to appeal—a decision you should discuss with your attorney before going on to that hearing at the State Office of Administrative Hearings.
Call Us for Help
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