Child protective services

Every child deserves to live in a home that is safe and filled with love and support. Stories that splash across the news that tell of a much different situation are always heartbreaking. In such instances, Child Protective Services plays an important role in ensuring that kids do not remain in an environment that is neglectful or abusive. There are times, though, that CPS accuses parents or guardians of wrongdoing that proves to be unfounded. And it appears these instances are on the rise.

The Austin American-Statesman reported over the weekend that the state of Texas had overturned rulings by CPS more and more every year since 2009. In that year, twenty-seven percent of cases that were appealed were eventually overturned. Last year, that number jumped to forty-two percent.

The agency spokesperson, Patrick Crimmins, points out for the article that only three percent of the 40,000 confirmed abuse cases are appealed every year. This means that looking at the bigger picture, the appeal rate we are now seeing is not out of bounds for a busy group of professionals just doing their best to protect children. These numbers also can be viewed positively by considering that more families who were incorrectly accused by CPS are now finding vindication.

If you found yourself facing charges from Child Protective Services in Texas that eventually prove to have no merit, you may find there are consequences to those charges when it comes to issues of child custody. The family law attorneys at Bertolino LLP can help. We have lawyers at our Austin, Houston, and San Antonio offices with experience in custody issues in the courtroom. We will walk with you through every step as you fight to preserve your rights as a parent. Or, if you actually are facing an abusive situation from another adult in your life, we will stand with you in court and get you the protection you and your children need. Please contact us today.

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