Austin, TX (Law Wire News) January 15, 2014
Asked to comment on a recent survey about the effect of divorce on children, Austin, TX child custody lawyer Tony R. Bertolino said today he was not surprised to hear that parents are often unaware of how their children are dealing with the breakup.

Bertolino, who has represented many parents in divorce and child custody cases, commented on a news report published in My Fox Philadelphia (“New Survey Sheds Light On Real Impact Of Divorce,” December 30, 2013).  According to the report, a recent survey suggests that the children of divorcees feel neglected by both parents and some may to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the breakup.

“Divorce can be an exceptionally difficult process not only for parents, but for their children as well. This study reveals that parents may not be fully aware of the emotional toll a divorce can have on children, which is something I have learned handling such cases over the years,” said Bertolino. “It’s important for parents to remain highly sensitive to the needs of their children through a divorce or a child custody hearing.”

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