Did you know that Harris County, Texas, home to Houston, is the deadliest county in the United States when it comes to alcohol-related car accidents? Not a proud title to have. But, our court system is taking some steps this week that it hopes will change Houston’s unfortunate standing when it comes to tragedies stemming from those driving under the influence.
Harris County is bringing in two more dockets for its SOBER court, allowing up to sixty more offenders to participate in the program every year. Those found guilty of DWI who are determined to be good candidates for SOBER must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day, meet with a probation officer often, and abide by several other guidelines meant to hold them accountable. The goal of SOBER, which the program appears to be attaining, is to reduce significantly the number of men and women convicted of a DWI who soon find themselves back in court on the same charges.
Some argue that the SOBER program, in which professionals work with offenders to reach the root of their poor choices and possible addictions, is a much more effective way of dealing with those guilty of a DWI than simply putting them behind bars for a few months or having them occasionally meet with a parole officer. Others believe that people who have put the lives of others at risk by getting on the road should serve time in prison and not be given the option of rehab and comfortable time at home.
Regardless of the right course of action to take with a person who has committed a DWI, there is no doubt that there often are innocent victims of drunk drivers and these victims deserve justice for the pain and fear that they faced. If you were injured due to the actions of an intoxicated driver, we have attorneys at Bertolino LLP who are ready to help. Please contact us today.

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