There are controversial cases in which parents are brought into a courtroom and asked to defend the medical decisions they have made for their children based on religious or ethical convictions. Whether or not to vaccinate, the decision to place a sick child in a round of chemotherapy or the reliance on alternative healing methods have all led to legal questions for some mothers and fathers in our state.
In these instances, at least there can be an argument made that the parents are acting out of love for their children and honestly believe they are doing what is in their best interest. When reading about Houston mom Tina Renae Carr, however, it is difficult to find a positive motivation for her actions.
Carr was arrested last week on charges of injury by omission to a child for failing to get her daughter needed medical treatment for lupus. Carr barricaded the door to her apartment when police and ambulance personnel arrived to assess the situation. The fourteen-year-old girl was found to be suffering from malnutrition and dizziness and appeared to have other signs of abuse.
The girl, who essentially rescued herself when her earlier plea for help at the apartment complex’s business office prompted a call to authorities, has since been placed in foster care.
This is just one example of an instance in which courts must intervene on behalf of the most vulnerable members of a family. Children, above all, must be protected. When it comes to determining the safest custody arrangement or restricting access for a family member who may cause harm, an experienced family law attorney can help.
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