Photo Courtesy Baylor College of Medicine

Practicing domestic law is an important decision that comes with a need for sensitivity and a dedication to protecting the interests of those who have trusted you with their family, their finances and sometimes their very safety. For example, just this week in Tennessee a woman shot her husband outside his attorney’s office following a mediation session they both had just exited. Emotions run high when a marriage is dissolving.

Closer to home, Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher, medical director at Ben Taub Hospital’s Emergency Center and assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine, has been charged with criminal trespass and harassment. She entered the home of Dr. Marcelle Mallery through a doggy door, after Dr. Mallery and her children had fled upon learning of Dr. Siler-Fisher’s imminent arrival, and scrawled a couple of profane messages on a bathroom mirror. These messages indicate that Dr. Siler-Fisher believed her husband, a doctor himself, to be having an affair with Dr. Mallery.
Dr. Siler-Fisher also sent Dr. Mallery multiple threatening text messages following the break in, including threats of violence and one showing a photo of her inside the home.
Those who know Siler-Fisher are saying that she is a great person and that these acts are completely out of character. She is well respected at work, and Baylor has stated that these recent charges constitute a private matter.

If you are facing a crisis in your marriage and have been wronged by someone you love, the desire to lash out is understandable. However, this will not help you in creating the best situation for your family moving forward. Instead, please seek the advice of a family law attorney who can discuss your options with you. And, if you are being threatened by a spouse or significant other who is unhappy about the status of your relationship, an attorney can help you get the protection you need.

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