Mayor Annise Parker of Houston has been serving as the Houston’s leader since January 2010 and is the first mayor of a major city to be openly gay. Just this month, Parker announced that she had married her partner of twenty-three years, Kathy Hubbard, at a ceremony in California. She stated that the response from her constituents in Houston had been overwhelmingly positive.
While same-sex marriages are illegal in the state of Texas, there are still related issues of law within our Texas borders. There is a current lawsuit against the city following Mayor Parker’s decision to expand insurance benefits to same-sex couples who were married in other states. The Texas Supreme Court has grappled with how to handle the divorces of homosexual Texas residents who married elsewhere and then returned home. As the trend continues toward more states legalizing marriage between two individuals of the same sex, the lawmakers and attorneys in every state must be prepared for the changing face of domestic law.
These changes are not just taking place around same-sex unions. With more single parent households than ever, grandparents increasingly becoming the primary caretakers for their grandkids, and blended families learning to merge into one, there are emotional issues at stake that require plans of action unique to each circumstance.
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