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Bertolino LLP is proud to announce we recently partnered with Austin Habitat for Humanity to sponsor a build day. On September 17, 2022, our office sent volunteers from our team of attorneys and legal professionals to turn raw materials into a place that a local Austin family can call home. 

Our team work hard every day to serve our clients, but we also like to regularly take a break from casework and negotiations to assist those in our community. Our day with Austin Habitat for Humanity was the latest in our list of volunteer events, such as those with the Texas Food Bank, the SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone) alliance, and the Bertolino Veterans’ Day 5K run. We consider it part of our mission to stand up for those who need a safe place to live, just like we stand up for licensed professionals in Texas.

Habitat for Humanity in Austin

Austin Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to ending the challenging cycle of poverty housing by providing well-built places to live for those in need of shelter. Many people face housing insecurity in our area which leads to many other concerns such as maintaining job security and ensuring reliable safety for their families. The Austin Habitat for Humanity branch seeks to bring people together for the purpose of putting love into action to build more than just houses. They want to build a sense of community among people from all walks of life in the city.

Habitat for Humanity’s vision is to create a world where everyone has a decent, safe place to live. Providing the secure anchor of a home for those in need has long-reaching effects on the economy and societal health of local neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and the country as a whole. Because Bertolino LLP has built our practice on helping those in our community, volunteering to assist with the construction of new homes with the Austin Habitat team is one more way to serve those we live and work with.

The Austin Habitat for Humanity operates ReStore locations around the city, allowing members of the public and businesses to donate building materials for community construction projects. Further financial support comes from those who shop there for their own home renovations. Along with ReStore, local businesses and community funds often contribute to ensuring Habitat for Humanity remains able to keep building as many homes are needed. 

Who Builds the Habitat for Humanity Homes?

Habitat for Humanity relies on community members like the team at Bertolino LLP to volunteer their time, enthusiasm, and skills to pick up the work where the last volunteers ended. Those who participate do not need prior building experience because there are many jobs to do on each home site. Everyone can find a way to assist and do meaningful work throughout the time they are there.

Volunteering to help is easy through Austin Habitat for Humanity’s website. After registering, you’ll see a list of current locations and projects so you can decide how you want to help. When you’ve chosen a project, you’ll need to complete a volunteer registration and online safety course. 

Because the home sites are active construction areas, being careful and diligent is extremely vital to making sure a day spent helping is safe for everyone involved. Families who are selected to receive houses also volunteer their time for the build, giving them a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing they helped turn wood and concrete into their own home in every sense of the word. Houses are modestly-sized but provide room for the needs of each family to thrive and grow. 

Habitat for Humanity is able to keep costs manageable by using volunteers for the construction process and utilizing locally available materials, whether purchased or donated.

How Else does Habitat for Humanity Help the Comunity?

The Habitat for Humanity group does more than build houses. It also provides no-profit, no-interest loans to the families who receive homes to help them as they adjust to their new living situation. In many cases, low-income families benefit from an economic boost to ensure they can manage the demands of home ownership along with the other parts of their lives, such as work, school, and community. 

An additional arm of Austin Habitat includes arranging repair services for those who already have a place to live but whose home needs repair. This program focuses on seniors and those with disabilities who own their living space but who can’t physically perform the repairs themselves or can’t afford to have them done. 

Substandard living conditions such as faulty wiring, inoperable heating or air conditioning, broken plumbing, or a leaking roof contribute to a diminished quality of life. Austin Habitat works to correct these problems so individuals can stay in homes that are clean and safe. 

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Bertolino LLP Believes in the Habitat for Humanity Vision

Research in the Austin area shows that our city has many families who can benefit from receiving affordable housing. A stable home also enhances children’s overall health, as well as their school performance. Austin Habitat for Humanity believes that making the dream of homeownership come true for every family in need creates vital benefits to our community and society. And families with a safe home have the opportunity to grow wealth and have a basis for a stable future. 

Bertolino LLP predominantly serves those who serve their communities: doctors, nurses, lawyers, nurses, trade workers, etcetera. Helping them maintain their licensing in adverse times ensures our city and state have the professionals they need in a demanding world. By volunteering to contribute to missions such as building homes with Habitat for Humanity, we are proud to be part of making the City of Austin, our neighboring counties, and the entire state of Texas a better place to live and work for all of us. 

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