There are countless attorney jokes out there, and I understand that some of the humor is well earned. Lawyers do not always help themselves in establishing upstanding reputations. However, there also are stories that remind me that what lawyers, and really the legal system in general, can do to defend the most innocent among us matters and leaves a positive impact. I hope that justice is had by five children in Houston who desperately need it this week.
On Wednesday night, a vehicle was pulled over for driving down a blocked lane in a construction zone. The officer who stopped the car discovered two adults and five children ages five and under, including a newborn. None of the kids was sitting in a car seat and there were open beer cans rolling around in the car. The children were taken by Child Protective Services, while the father, who was driving, faces possible driving while intoxicated charges and bother parents must answer questions concerning child endangerment.
The couple has been identified as Theresa Cua and James Cruz Morean and CPS unfortunately has confirmed that this is not the first time the agency has had encounters with the children involved.
It is heartbreaking to hear of any incidents in which young children are not protected and made to feel safe by the two people they should trust more than anyone else. Sadly, their story is not unique. And when children are not safe, foster services and the family court must step in.
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