When someone is asked to detail what they imagine as a violent crime that might occur in her community, it is often an idea like those portrayed on nighttime cop dramas. Perhaps it’s a stranger that grabs you from within an alley or a gunman who holds you up in a parking garage. These events happen and the results are tragic. But, the sad reality is that acts of violence are more likely to occur at the hands of someone you know than a stranger, and the scene of the crime might be your own house.

A sad story of domestic violence took place this week in the Houston area. Billy Wilkey admitted to shooting and killing his grown son, Flint Wilkey, in an act of self-defense. Flint had been fighting with his wife in their home and when she ran to her father-in-law’s house for protection, Flint followed her and began hitting her inside his dad’s residence. Flint pulled his wife from the house and when Billy tried to intervene, he became the object of his son’s anger. Billy pulled out a handgun and shot Flint one time, killing him.

Unfortunately, this is one example of similar incidents that take place everywhere. When you are dealing with families, you involve intense emotions and relationships that can come with resentment, guilt, fear and more. Why people can turn to violence against those they claim to love is hard to understand, but it happens. And it’s not right.

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