The majority of complaints filed against licensed professionals are resolved prior to a contested hearing.
Contested hearings, or formal hearings, are held at the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH), which is an independent forum where Texas agencies, licensing boards, other governmental entities, and private citizens can resolve certain legal disputes. Cases are heard before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), a neutral third party appointed to oversee the hearing.
Not all cases require a contested hearing. Complaints can be resolved early on by demonstrating to the board, in your initial responses or other correspondence, that you did nothing wrong. If an investigation continues past the initial stages, most boards have procedures in place that provide for informal settlement conferences. This gives the board and licensee the opportunity to come to a settlement agreement about what penalties or sanctions are acceptable to both parties.
Settlement is not right in all cases, but when it is a viable option it helps to avoid the risk of facing harsher sanctions or larger penalties after a contested, formal hearing.

Contested Hearings Before SOAH

Cases that do not, or cannot settle, require adjudication before SOAH. Contested hearings are conducted similarly to how a courtroom trial operates. The licensee and the board will have the opportunity to produce evidence and question witnesses.
You have the right to have an attorney during all stages of the licensing board’s complaint investigation process and at all legal proceedings, including at the SOAH hearing. Your professional license defense attorney can help you prepare for the contested hearing.
Typically, soon after the conclusion of the contested hearing the ALJ will write a recommendation for how the case should be resolved, which may include a recommendation to the licensing board to take certain disciplinary action against the licensee. While licensing boards give deference to the ALJ’s case recommendation, generally it is the board that will ultimately decide your case and any sanctions against you. However, each licensing board and regulatory agency in Texas has their own set of rules and procedures to which they must adhere.
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