The Texas Board of Nursing is charged with protecting the public by establishing and maintaining quality in the selection of and maintenance of those individuals who may be permitted to practice nursing within the state. As such, among the Board’s primary functions is investigating complaints made against the licenses of nurses. The Board will, therefore, investigate any issue relating to the practice of nursing. Among the more common subjects of these investigations are allegations of failure to provide the proper standard of care, failure to document work hours, and issues with the dispensing of controlled substances.
When a nurse is made aware of an investigation into a complaint—in which the identity of the complainer is usually kept confidential—it generally means that the Board is beginning its attempt to seek out information relating to the nurse’s practice, with the goal of determining whether or not to file a formal complaint against the nurse’s license. This investigation may last for many months. The nurse should be very careful about how they respond to this notification or otherwise make contact with the investigator—as a statement that contains any inaccuracies can be extremely deleterious to a nurse’s case.
Where the notification a nurse receives is entitled “Formal Complaint,” the Board has already made a decision to file formal charges against the nurse’s license. Any deadlines reflected within the Complaint must be met with the greatest urgency.
While a nurse is technically allowed to respond to both these forms of a notice on their own, under no circumstances should a nurse face the Board alone if they hope to achieve a favorable outcome. Professional license defense attorneys here at BERTOLINO LLP are well equipped to help you craft your responses to a complaint. We are skilled in navigating the entire complaint process from beginning to end—and we urge you to contact us as quickly as possible.

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