Photo Courtesy The Food Channel

Cutting that first slice was one of your first joint acts as husband and wife and every guest clamored for a photograph of you sharing that delicious bite. Now, a new article shares, there is the growing phenomenon of the “divorce cake,” with another big party to match.
A writer with the Associated Press recently interviewed some of the top bakers in the country and discovered that the trend of planning a bash to celebrate the end of a marriage is growing and they often are called “freedom parties.” The article even features one divorced couple who planned such an event together as a moment to acknowledge this new phase of their partnership, and chose to offer “lemon cake” to their guests as an ode to making something tasty when life hands you lemons. Other cakes take a decidedly darker approach, with bloody brides or grooms, cakes turned on their heads, or icing with the edible divorce decree stamped on top.
When two people have struggled and found that an end to their union was the only solution, or one person decides that it is time to break the ties of an abusive relationship, the decision to divorce is not one to be held in shame or hidden from others in your life. But is an expensive celebration taking things too far in the other direction? What are your thoughts on the popularity of “divorce parties”?
Whether or not you plan to invite friends and family to gather and cut a cake once your divorce is final, the process that it takes to get there is difficult and emotional. When there are children involved, these feelings are multiplied. With that said, you need an experienced attorney by your side to guide you through every step of the process, to offer support and patient counsel through some tough decisions. The family law attorneys at Bertolino LLP can help. If you are considering divorce and you want to discuss your situation, please contact us today.

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