An accusation can be filed against your professional license for alleged violations of the law, alleged violations of the rules of your licensing board, breaches in your duties owed to the public, or other malfeasance. An accusation is lodged in the form of a formal complaint filed with your licensing board.
Any individual who holds a professional, medical, or vocational license from a state licensing board, regulatory agency, or commission in Texas may be subject to allegations of wrongdoing. Each licensing board in Texas has their own rules and procedures on how they address and investigate complaints, and how they discipline their licensees.
Protecting Your Rights
While the specific procedures and rules are unique to each licensing board, every individual licensed by any board has the right to due process and the right to representation by an attorney. A professional license defense attorney can defend your rights and advocate for you when your license is being threatened with revocation, suspension, or other disciplinary action due to an allegation of misconduct.
Successfully Defending Against Accusations
In order to successfully defend an Accusation, it is absolutely critical that you:

  • Take the complaint seriously from the start.
  • Address the complaint head-on.
  • Be diligent not to miss any filing deadlines or other important dates in the licensing board’s case against you.
  • Do not delay in hiring an attorney.

Depending on the specifics of your case, it may be necessary to provide initial written response to the board, attend an informal settlement conference, negotiate the terms of a stipulated settlement, or attend a formal hearing at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). Remember you have the right to representation during the investigation and during any legal proceeding.
Defending Against Accusations Filed Against Your Professional License
We urge you to hire an experienced professional licensing defense attorney as soon as you are notified of a board complaint filed against you. Your attorney can help you craft initial responses to the allegations that mounts a strong defense from the start. Initial responses to the board are critical to the ultimate outcome of your case. It is not uncommon that we are able to get a complaint dropped at this initial stage with a strategic, well-crafted initial response to the complaint allegations.
Our firm believes that immediately consulting an experienced license defense attorney to review allegations of misconduct helps ensure the most favorable outcome in your case. To better understand the importance of taking immediate steps to defend yourself and your license, read about some of our case results here.
Hiring BERTOLINO LLP to Defend Your Professional License
The attorney at BERTOLINO LLP have consistently won significant cases for doctors, nurses, lawyers, architects, pharmacists and other professionals dealing with issues that could jeopardize their ability to work. We know federal and state law and we understand how each Texas state licensing board operates. Our firm is prepared to defend you against accusations filed against you with any state licensing board or agency in Texas.
We represent licensed professionals across the entire State of Texas. Our honest, experienced attorneys will fight aggressively on behalf of your license and reputation. Contact us today or call (512) 476-5757 and schedule a case evaluation.
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