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Dying Without a Will in Texas: Intestate Estates Distributed by Probate Code

As we reported recently, establish a valid last will & testament holds the top spot on CNN Money’s 10 Steps to Estate Planning. Yet as many as two-thirds of adults lack a valid will. An experienced will lawyer at Bertolino LLP can help assess your estate-planning needs and assist in getting your affairs in order. In most cases, executing a valid will serves as the foundation of a client’s estate plans. Americans value freedom and Texans are more independent than most. …

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Bertolino LLP Comments on Report That Alleged Intoxicated Mother Kills 2 Children, Injures 2 Others

SOURCE: http://www.lawwirenews.com/legal-news/bertolino-llp-comments-report-alleged-intoxicated-mother-kills-2-children-injures-2-others-502/ Austin, TX (Law Wire News) April 3, 2014 Police say Crystal Suniga was operating her vehicle with a blood alcohol content more than double the legal limit when she slammed into two parked cars, NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported (3/30/14). Tony R. Bertolino, managing attorney with Bertolino LLP, understands that the impact of the crash killed two of her sons, Ricardo Hernandez, 10, and Angel Reyes, 14, according to the report. The article stated a third son, only 16 years old, …

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Dugouts and Depositions

This week marks the start of the 2014 Major League Baseball season. We are only around 160 games away from learning who will play in this year’s World Series. Are you hoping for big things from the Houston Astros or Texas Rangers this year? By this time next month, I imagine those storylines already will be much clearer. As ballparks around the country welcome eager fans—parents taking kids their first game, old timers who haven’t missed a first pitch …

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Social Media Has Added a New Element to Family Dynamics

The explosion of social media over the last decade has changed almost every aspect of our lives and our communities. There is no need to wait for high school reunions to find out what your teenage crush is up to these days. Who needs to think of new ideas for birthday parties or kitchen remodeling or dinner recipes when such details are being swapped online all the time? Of more global importance, presidential campaigns are reaching millions online, students …

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Verdict in Texas Courtroom Reinforces the Truth that Sexual Harassment is Not Gender-Specific

SOURCE:  http://www.lawwirenews.com/legal-news/verdict-texas-courtroom-reinforces-truth-sexual-harassment-gender-specific-141/ Austin, TX (Law Wire News) March 26, 2014 James Gist was awarded more than a half million dollars from a Galveston County jury last week after enduring nearly six months of sexually suggestive statements and behavior from his female superior, Pam Matranga, in 2011, The Houston Chronicle (3/22/14) reported. While some wondered if the case would be dismissed or minimized due to the traditional notion that only men can be guilty of sexual harassment, a jury made …

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