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Would You Fight for Johnny Football’s Jersey in a Divorce?

Photo courtesy USA Today Perhaps you were watching the NFL draft a couple of months when Johnny Manziel (aka “Johnny Football”) nervously sat as other players from around the country were selected by teams while his name went unspoken. He had decided to leave Texas A&M after his sophomore year to pursue a career in the pros and the draft would mark the beginning of this new stage. Finally, his name was called by the Cleveland Browns and Manziel …

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Road Rage Turns Deadly in San Antonio

Road rage has been an increasing problem as we seem to live in a society that gets more impatient and faster to explosive judgment all the time. We have become drivers rushing to move from one place to the next, sometimes disregarding the others who are occupying the same stretch of highway, and drivers who are less forgiving when it comes to the idea that the dangerous actions taken by another vehicle truly may have been an accident. Sadly, …

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Comedian Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart Following Deadly Turnpike Crash

SOURCE: http://www.lawwirenews.com/legal-news/comedian-tracy-morgan-sues-wal-mart-following-deadly-turnpike-crash-893/ Austin, TX (Law Wire News) July 16, 2014 Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan joined three other plaintiffs last week in filing suit against Walmart (“Tracy Morgan sues Walmart over deadly crash; comic released from rehab center,” CNN, July 13, 2014), claiming that the corporation was negligent in its actions leading up to a tragic collision on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed one man and injured four others. Austin truck accident lawyer Tony R. Bertolino, managing attorney with …

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Hidden Assets in Texas Divorces See New Tech Frontier

Bitcoin is an electronic alternative currency that has been growing in popularity.  Unfortunately, the electronic currency can be harder to trace than traditional money and thus there is a growing concern that Bitcoin could be used to hide assets during the process of divorce.  When a couple separates and dissolves their marriage, a detailed accounting of their assets must be obtained so that a fair divorce settlement can be reached. If one spouse hides money or assets, this can complicate …

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Distracted Driving Appears to Be the Cause of Collision with Police Officer

SOURCE: http://www.lawwirenews.com/legal-news/distracted-driving-appears-to-be-the-cause-of-collision-with-police-officer-729/ Austin, TX (Law Wire News) June 12, 2014 A police officer with the North East Independent School District and retired member of the San Antonio Police Department was injured last weekend while directing traffic for a funeral procession. The driver of an SUV allegedly looked away from the road just long enough to slam into another car, spin around, and then hit the motorcycle on which Sergeant Charles Langley was sitting (“North East ISD officer hit by …

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