Lifestyle Clauses in Texas Prenuptial Agreements

Couples divorcing in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown and San Marcos will need to divide up property and assets. This process can quickly become contentious and messy, and it can have a big financial impact on your life. Just recently, the news has been full of reports of one of the largest divorce settlements in U.S. history.  An oil tycoon was ordered to pay his ex close to $1 billion as part of their divorce, but pictures of the …

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Texas Athlete Allegedly Kills Three in Drunk Driving Wreck on Christmas Eve

Two families in El Paso had to experience Christmas with the stunning loss of loved ones due to the foolish decision of one man to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. Joel Garcia, who is an amateur boxer in Texas, was arrested on three counts of intoxication manslaughter after driving through a red light going 90mph on Christmas Eve and plowing into a 2004 Pontiac that was carrying brothers Isaiah and Joshua Deal and Joshua’s girlfriend …

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When Holiday Shopping Gets Violent

It’s the holiday season once again. That means road trips for long-awaited visits with family, school pageants at which hundreds of parents vie for the best spot to hold up their cameras or smart phones, and endless streams of wonderful food at office and home. It also can be the time of crowded stores, impatient shoppers, and even retail violence as people shove and fight to get access to the hot item being advertised. If you escaped Black Friday …

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Raising Children After Texas Divorce: Who Makes Choices on Religion?

Many children throughout Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and San Marcos live in homes with parents who are divorced, separated or who have never been married. It is becoming increasingly common for children to be raised by two parents who live independently rather than for a child to be raised within a nuclear family unit. When kids live in separate homes, it raises many complicated questions. One issue, of course, is how parenting time is shared. Another issue is …

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Ebola is Gone from Our Country but the Questions Remain

Less than two months ago, the threat of the Ebola virus dominated our news. We were tracking the transport of recently diagnosed Americans from one hospital to another and frantically retracing their steps to determine where others may have come in contact with the often fatal virus. Questions were being raised as to how someone with Ebola was allowed into our country. Demands were made of our politicians to stop air travel from certain areas. We wondered how long …

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