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New York Yankee Baseball Fan Asks for Millions after Falling Asleep on National Television

SOURCE: http://www.lawwirenews.com/legal-news/new-york-yankee-baseball-fan-asks-millions-falling-asleep-national-television-544/ There is one man in the New York area who may still be hoping that exhaustion at a baseball game will translate into a huge payday at the hands of our legal system. When the television cameras panned Yankees Stadium during the fourth inning of a game against the Red Sox on April 13, 2014, Andrew Rector was spotted taking a nap. The broadcasters, John Kruk and Dan Shulman, found this fascinating and proceeded to spend some …

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Five Houston Children Unrestrained in Car as Parents Allegedly Drink and Drive

There are countless attorney jokes out there, and I understand that some of the humor is well earned. Lawyers do not always help themselves in establishing upstanding reputations. However, there also are stories that remind me that what lawyers, and really the legal system in general, can do to defend the most innocent among us matters and leaves a positive impact. I hope that justice is had by five children in Houston who desperately need it this week. On …

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Responsibility for Debts in a Texas Divorce

Because Texas is a community property state, debt acquired during marriage is generally considered to belong equally to both spouses. This is true no matter who acquires the debt. Unfortunately, the outcome is that you could become responsible for your ex-husband or ex-wife’s debts.  A divorce settlement does not necessarily protect you from being forced to pay the bills as a recent CNN article pointed out. You need to understand the rules for shared responsibility for debts in Texas …

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Would You Fight for Johnny Football’s Jersey in a Divorce?

Photo courtesy USA Today Perhaps you were watching the NFL draft a couple of months when Johnny Manziel (aka “Johnny Football”) nervously sat as other players from around the country were selected by teams while his name went unspoken. He had decided to leave Texas A&M after his sophomore year to pursue a career in the pros and the draft would mark the beginning of this new stage. Finally, his name was called by the Cleveland Browns and Manziel …

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Road Rage Turns Deadly in San Antonio

Road rage has been an increasing problem as we seem to live in a society that gets more impatient and faster to explosive judgment all the time. We have become drivers rushing to move from one place to the next, sometimes disregarding the others who are occupying the same stretch of highway, and drivers who are less forgiving when it comes to the idea that the dangerous actions taken by another vehicle truly may have been an accident. Sadly, …

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