Our Brains, Multitasking, and Distracted Driving

How many of us pride ourselves on the ability to multitask? Did you know that our brains are not actually capable of focusing effectively on more than one task at a time? While we do have an amazing machine inside our skulls that can take in billions of pieces of information every day, when needing to engage in an activity, the brain must “task switch” from one to the other. This neurological fact is critically important when we are …

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Changing their Last Name is Not an Automatic Decision for Many Women Getting Married Today

SOURCE: The decision that a bride makes concerning keeping her “maiden” name, a term that itself seems rather antiquated, or adopting the name of her new husband would not seem to be a topic that would make international headlines. However, when the woman pondering that choice is doing so because she is marrying George Clooney, the media websites and those gathered around office water coolers seem to pay more attention. The former Amal Alamuddin, whose resume and list …

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Doctors and Nurses Face Increased Scrutiny in the Face of New Threats

The nation is understandably worried about a health danger that has reached our shores for the first time. And here is Texas, the anxiety is perhaps felt even more acutely as the one person known to have tested positive for Ebola and then eventually die from the horrific diagnosis in our country was here within the borders of our state. We have been reassured by the Centers for Disease Control that the United States is not in danger of …

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Have Divorced Parents Lost Their Rights?

Recently, the New York Times published an article by a divorced author who indicated that divorced parents have “lost their rights.” The author indicated that “American courts consistently refuse to entertain child-rearing disputes between married parents,” but that divorced parents routinely sue each other over child care matters. The result of this is that important decisions are made by courts that should be made by divorced parents working together.  While it is true that parents can sometimes be forced to …

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Should You Have a Trust to Avoid Probate?

Many people consider creating a trust to avoid probate and to reduce the potential that their estate will be subject to taxes after death. Recently, Forbes looked at the question of whether it actually makes sense for many individuals and families to have a trust. The answer to whether you should create a trust or not is going to be specific to your situation, but you need to make the decision to create a trust before you become incapacitated.  …

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