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Protecting Your CPA License This Tax Season

Tax season is fast approaching, which means accountants are in high demand. Unfortunately, this busy time of year is the time when mistakes could be made that may jeopardize your continued ability to work in your field. It is vitally important you avoid any intentional or negligent actions that could result in the loss or…

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Can Getting a DUI Affect my Professional License?

If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), this criminal conviction can impact many aspects of your life. It may even affect your career or put an end to your career. The impact of a DUI on your ability to keep working within your chosen career field is going to depend…

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Medical License Defense and Insurance Fraud

Medical care providers who accept Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance must comply with myriad regulations regarding when they bill for patient services, how they bill for patient services, and what documentation they must maintain in order to prove patient services were medically necessary. If a determination is made that a provider was not following regulations,…

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10 Ways to Endanger Your Real Estate License

Earning your real estate license is hard work, but can provide you with a valuable career. Once you have obtained your license, you do not want to do anything to put it at risk. If you are accused of wrongdoing, you also need to make certain you get help with real estate license defense as…

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10 Situations Where a Medical License is At Risk

When you have your medical license, you need to do everything you can to protect it since your livelihood depends upon it. You have spent many years getting credentialed so you can practice medicine and help people, and you do not want to take any risks which could result in the loss of your career….

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