Ebola is Gone from Our Country but the Questions Remain

Less than two months ago, the threat of the Ebola virus dominated our news. We were tracking the transport of recently diagnosed Americans from one hospital to another and frantically retracing their steps to determine where others may have come in contact with the often fatal virus. Questions were being raised as to how someone with Ebola was allowed into our country. Demands were made of our politicians to stop air travel from certain areas. We wondered how long …

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The Family Home in Your Austin Divorce

A family law attorney knows that many complicated issues generally arise during the process of ending a marriage. One of the biggest questions many couples face is what to do about a shared family home. For most people, their home is the biggest asset they will divide. It is also an asset that many couples have a shared mortgage on, which complicates things further.  Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a comprehensive article on some of the issues that …

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Tips for a Peaceful Texas Divorce

The process of getting a divorce can be very stressful, if you let it. The long-term impacts of the stress from your divorce can be damaging to your health and can make it more difficult for you to move on with your life. A family law lawyer can help make the process easier for you by negotiating a settlement on your behalf, advising you of your rights and representing you in court. However, you will need to make sure …

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Driver Who Killed Kindergarten Teacher and Her Son Gets 18 Years in Jail

Last week, residents of Austin finally saw some closure to a horrific accident that took place in December 2013. Nicholas Wyzykowski pleaded guilty to two counts of intoxication manslaughter and five counts of intoxication assault after a night of drinking with friends resulted in him plowing into multiple cars while going around 100mph. When taken into custody, Wyzykowski was determined to be driving with a 0.27 BAC, which is more than three times the legal limit. The two individuals …

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Man Owes $30,000 in Child Support Even Though He is Not the Father

SOURCE: There is little dispute over the notion that a man who is not married to the mother of his child should pay the child support that a court has ordered of him. The term “deadbeat dad” is one without many equals for eliciting a negative reaction in our society. However, a recent case out of Detroit, Mich., highlights the reality that in some instances, the sometimes aggressive laws that are designed to provide for a mother and …

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