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    Experienced Attorneys Defending Licensed Law Enforcement Officers

    Texans who work in law enforcement have a high calling: keeping others safe and maintaining order in society. You have worked hard to become a licensed police officer, corrections officer or telecommunicator in Texas, and your work helps keep our communities safe and secure. But a single complaint can destroy your livelihood, and all the hard work invested to build it.

    If your law enforcement license is threatened by a complaint, it is imperative that you take immediate legal action to protect your license. The Austin law enforcement license defense attorneys at Bertolino LLP are proud to serve those who serve and protect Texans.

    A law firm you can trust; a law firm that will stand up to the Board for you

    Our attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge needed to help law enforcement officers take aggressive action to protect their licenses. We will get to know you and your case, thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the allegation(s), and help you mount a strong defense to protect your license and your career.

    Contact us today to find out what an Austin law enforcement license defense lawyer can do for you. Call (512) 476-5757 to reach our Austin office.