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While the rules of the roads are always important, one Texas attorney reminds drivers that the risks are even greater this time of year

Austin, Texas. November 20, 2013. Over the next two weeks, millions of travelers will be filling our highways and traveling long distances to spend time with family and friends they may only see once or twice a year. While there is an understandable excitement to reach this destination quickly so that holiday festivities can begin, Texas attorney Tony R. Bertolino offers some important advice that is more likely to get you there safely.

"By now, I think that all drivers have heard that texting while driving simply isn't safe. What's amazing is the number of people who choose not to believe it or just somehow convince themselves that the risks don't apply to them," shares Mr. Bertolino, managing attorney with Bertolino LLP.  "But I've represented quite a few men and women who suffered terrible physical injuries caused by distracted drivers and have seen enough to know that a smart phone keypad does not belong in a driver's hands."

The facts bear out Bertolino's observations about the continued proliferation of texts being sent from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

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