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Dozens Fight at Alamo Square Just Hours after San Antonio Tree Lighting


Texas attorneySan Antonio, Texas is a city rich in history and one that attracts thousands of visitors to its River Walk, to take in a Spurs game or to pay honor to a symbol of determination to fight for freedom against amazing odds-the Alamo Mission. The brave fighters who gave their lives there as part of the Texas Revolution became the subject of the battle cry, "Remember the Alamo!" and the events of 1836 are a part of American folklore.

Unfortunately, last weekend dozens of individuals broke into a large brawl at Alamo Square for what was surely a much less noble cause. Around forty people are said to have been participating in the violence in the area that still was closed to traffic due to the annual Christmas tree lighting that occurred there just a few hours earlier. In fact, many families with young children were still there admiring the beautiful lights when they found themselves caught in the middle of swinging fists.

Although many of those involved managed to scatter, four juveniles and one adult were arrested by San Antonio police. And, two other fights broke out while the primary melee, which covered a block of area, was being controlled. The one adult taken into custody was the mother of one of the minors detained by police.

In these moments of chaos, there always are innocent bystanders who get caught up in the activity. Whether it was at the San Antonio event or another public venue, perhaps you have been the victim of violence of which you wanted no part, much like the families downtown who just wanted to make some holiday memories with their kids. You did not deserve to be injured.

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